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Da Trifecta's New Spec?

Da Trifecta

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Well we all know that Da Trifecta has Davey Jones currently in the VHL and that he is on a great team and has been performing greatly. It has been rumored though that Da Trifecta has been so happy with the success of Davey Jones that he has been out scouting players already for his next job. He has been in contact with a 13 year old goalie who has been a youtube sensation. We haven't released the name because we want to keep it as confidential as possible. Also DT wants to keep his next new project player under wraps.


What we know of the 13 year old is that his reaction timing to shots coming into the goal is uncanny. It is like nothing you have seen from anyone around his age group. While playing hockey for his middle school, he has only allowed 1 goal to be scored on him in two years. His teammates love his work ethic and that he is always trying to get better. He is in the gym daily and also watching game film over and over trying to make sure he is at his best for every game. He eats healthy and is always working out. More will be released as the seasons go on. Each week we will clue you in on more information about him.

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True. I thin in regards to goalies by the time I re-create Bagleface will be 5 seasons in (still sucking), Mike's guy will be 4 seasons in, ADV's guy will also be 4 seasons in. Tukio retired, Brookside will be 3 seasons in (still inactive), Moher 4 seasons in, Chekhov 1 season left, Lebeau retired, Smyl 3 seasons left and Rift in his last season. Chaning of the guard.


That being said my next guy may not be a goaltender and I may not be in Cologne.

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