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300 TPE


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With the completion of this "point task" I will have reached the 300 TPE plateau.I know its not much but I this is a big accomplishment for me. I never had more than 271 TPE with any player. Percy Jackson set the bar with that one. I do believe I have been cheated a little because I was definitely active and doing PT's. I could have reached this a long time ago if it weren't for my internet being cut off. My other players include Shawn Howard, Alexander Howard, Magnus Pajarrvi*-Svensson and a bunch of other fails. This I feel could have been so much more and better with Steven Stamkos. Although I would like to thank the Quebec City Meute for drafting me. I have won two championships with Shawn Howard and those came in S4 with the Toronto Legion and in S6 with the Helsinki Titans. So suck it guys. Although i haven't won since then so that sucks. 


/end point task.

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