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McQueen Traded


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Overall it was an extremely quiet deadline with only two trades being made. Brennan McQueen was shipped out of Seattle to Riga for Edwin Encarnacion. Both were selected in the S35 draft, one being a forward and one being a defender. Encarnacion was selected higher but as it stands right now, McQueen seems to have passed him in development. With a team that is stacked on defense, why would Seattle trade out one of their promising forward prospects? Rumour has it that there were some complications in contract talk which even started last year right when McQueen was drafted. For that the GM decided that it be better off if they get rid of him instead of having problems.

Now Brennan McQueen is the starting piece to the big rebuild in Riga. You can tell that with his time in the VHLM, he is excited to get a start in the VHL at last. McQueen has stated before that he wants to play for one franchise his whole career, and since he never actually suited up for the Bears, the Reign may be that team.

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