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The Germany Thread


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This thread is for all the Germans. I know for a fact there are a rising number in this league now.


Myself, Romanus, Chris McZerhl and Stevo?


Come get your sauer boys

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He isn't holding them back. People are just in a really shitty mindset right now.


Bastian is injured

Khedira is injured

Lahm wasn't playing

Ozil is banged up too

Neuer is resting


So many fans think he is holding them back, yet he runs a structure that come world cup will be exploiting defence a lot.

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I meant more past three tournaments. But I guess we'll see. 2014 is a must-win though, it's long overdue.

Has he held them back? No. Would everyone much rather have Klinsmann in charge? Yes.

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I can't stand Löw but you nobody can deny that he has done a great job here these last few years and I'd also argue that he is a better coach then Klinsmann. After this World Cup I would like to see a change though no matter the result (if he wins it he can go mission completed and move on, if he doesn't then the DFB should make a move) but I doubt this will happen.

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