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398 and Counting


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So as of right now I am sitting at 398 TPE for Sebastian Ball Jr. After 133 more words, I will offically have 399 TPE, one under the mark of 400 TPE. God this happened really fast, seeing as in 6 or 7 seasons with Sebastian Ball, my Seattle Bears defenseman way back when, I only hit like 470 and yet I am only going into my fourth season in S36. Crazy right? I think so. I have had fun so far with this player, even though I really only caught fire once Kesler was traded. I've put up 15 points since he was traded, including a 5 point night in the shellacking of the Riga Reign, in my opinion the best team money can buy. But enough of that, we all get it, I'm awesome. I don't know what kind of expectations I have going into next season with Ball Jr., hell I don't even know what we can expect from the Seattle Bears. We should get into the playoffs unless Jason decides to hold onto the last playoffs spot with a last last ditch effort for Calgary. Quebec and Toronto should be a lock and we, the Bears, should do pretty nice as a team, so you should all sign with Seattle! Come be apart of history when my player scores 100 goals next season, believe me there will be plenty of assists to go around. Alright I guess that should do it, see you all on the other side of 400 TPE

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