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Salmon to Test FA


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First of all my typing is gong to be trrible in this. Raged hard at chel yesterday and smashed my laptop prtty good so half the keys don't really work.



Have been in sim leagues for over two years now and have never really tested free agency. I had a great time in Calgary but think it's time to try something new. I can confirm I will be moving on to a new team, not like last season. Nothng against CGY at all, D_a and th rest of thm have been great.


I know I've been pretty much completely inactive this season even missing welfares, but I hope this could re-spark my interest. I'LL be looking for a good paychck, playing time, chance to win, and actve LR, in that ordr.


There isn't one team that I wouldn't play for so it should be interesting. Rankings will come out in the coming weeks.

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WOAH, that's like tampering x 1000000000000


I see a ban coming in the near future

Victor would be banned before I. Actually no we know that wouldn't happen

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