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Dynamo Reach Playoffs On Landry's Goal


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Dynamo Reach Playoffs On Landry's Goal



DAVOS - The streets of Davos were packed with overjoyed fans of the HC Dynamo, celebrating a win by their hometown team over the Vasteras that eliminated the Iron Eagles and clinched a playoff spot for Davos, just a season removed from finishing with the worst record in the VHL. After Willem Janssen tied the game with just under ten minutes to go in the third period, it seemed as if Davos was about to let their chance slip away, with the Iron Eagles taking the game into overtime. However, just twenty three seconds into the overtime period, right wing Thomas Landry retrieved the puck after a shot by Steven Stamkos had missed the net. Although Landry had already previously missed the net in this period, he would not miss again. He beat Vasteras goalie Eggly Bagelface, ending the game and the Iron Eagles' chances of reaching the postseason.


This is absolutely unreal!" yelled Jackson Bronsky, an avid supporter of the HC Dynamo. "Nothing is real anymore!"




With the Helsinki wrapping up home ice advantage throughout the playoffs seemingly ages ago, the long-anticipated match-up between Davos and the Cologne Express is finally set in stone. The only question now is which team will have home ice advantage for the series. The Express currently hold a ten point lead in the standings with eight games left to play, including two games against the HC Dynamo.


"We're in," said Landry at the post-game press conference. "And that's all that matters now."


Jethro Novacek is a writer for the MSFL Times, Slapboxing Champions in the Tri-State area. He enjoys finding out what the other half of the battle is, riding his motorcycle and high-fiving Israeli commandos.

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