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Claimed:Goalie controversy


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Goalie Controversy


Oslo, Norway – Rumors out of Oslo Storm facilities indicate that a goaltending controversy exists between Martin Brookside and Totallynota Bear. Brookside has been the starter for the club the entire season, amassing 35 wins, a 2.77 goals against average, and a .906 save percentage in 71 games to date. These are actually fairly strong numbers for a VHLM goaltender, considering that the league on the whole is more offensively-minded than its VHL counterpart. Specifically, a save percentage over .900 is considered a milestone in the VHLM which indicates a talented goaltender. However, Totallynota Bear put forth a fairly impressive showing himself in his one game, allowing 3 goals on 29 shots (.897 save percentage) and a 2.97 goals against average. Furthermore, the expectations for Bear were never really much higher than what he’s given the team, whereas Brookside was supposed to do much better than this. As such, some members of personnel within the franchise think it might be time to give Bear a chance to come in on a more regular basis, expand his role and see if he can handle the workload. If he can, it will be seen as a wake up call to the previously lauded Brookside.



Brookside early in the season, confidently covering his net.


Overall, it’s doubtful that any change will be made, because even though Bear was good in his one game, Brookside’s stats are still better over a longer period of time. However, if a change is made, there is one clear stat to point to. Bear’s winning percentage is better than Brookside’s.  Brookside is 35-28-7, which if we count the ties as half-wins, comes out to a winning percentage of 54%. Bear’s percentage is significantly better, at 100%. Bear has won every game he’s played, all one of them. Maybe, just maybe, what this team needs going into the playoffs is a chance for Bear to shine and step up for the Storm. The first round is against the Royals, whom the Storm should beat regardless of goalie, so maybe that’s the chance to put Bear in and see what he can do against playoff-caliber opposition.



Bear, pictured above in practice.


Talking to Brookside about these rumors, it seems he is supportive of the move, which is surprising. “Well, I never heard of any plans to start Bear. This is news to me, but honestly, the kid deserves a few shots at it. I go out there every night, and it can get tiring, especially at the end of a long season. Bear proved in the game he played that he was a capable replacement, so it wouldn’t really bother me if the coach decided to throw a few more starts his way, as long as in the end I remained the starter. Let’s face it, we both know who the more talented player is, but Bear does have one thing I don’t have. The guy’s huge, almost the size of, well, a bear. He can take up much of the net. It’ll be hard to score on a guy who doesn’t leave any holes, and Bear doesn’t leave any holes because he’s the same size as the net itself. Maybe it’d be good for his confidence to throw him a game or two against Bern in the next round.”

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Content: 3/3 - I guess it is kind of hard to sit the guy with the perfect winning percentage. Brookside's winning percentage isn't exactly awful though, and I think everyone knows that Martin is the more talented goaltender. While I personally would pick Brookside, who knows with that Doomsday guy as GM  :ph34r: .


Grammar: 2/2 - Uh huh.


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 6/6

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Content: 3/3 - We wouldn't have made it this far without Brookside, your job is safe my good man.
Grammar: 2/2 - Perfect!
Appearance: 1/1 - Adorable!
Overall: 6/6 - Does your mother still hang out in dockside bars?
FINAL: 6/6
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