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Magazine to do Draft Edition


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Magazine Announcement

Hi Everyone - I'd like to thank everyone who has started to pay attention to the Magazine once again. The team has been working hard to get some new material out, and it's nice to see it has went over well. As most of you all know, the past two editions have been Special Edition looks at each franchise as a whole. If there's a good amount of support, we might try and do this more often (maybe once a week).

Although it was something new and different, the Magazine team thrived with the opportunity to do collaborative articles. Since it was such a success we are going to feature a three page Draft Edition article that will be a collaboration of three of our writers. This will be featured in the 168th Edition, and the next magazine edition will be business as usual.

We are especially excited for this special feature as the official Draft Rankings have been absent from the VHL for a number of seasons on and off. It will be nice to bring some attention to the draftees coming up in the upcoming draft. So look out for this, and please support the Magazine. We work very hard on it, and we always appreciate any posts indicating that it was read.

Edition 168 - Draft Special

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...and will preview every single prospect in detail, regardless of TPE to ensure no one's feelings are butthurt.


I think LaMichael Charmader will really appreciate your concern

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