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I have nothing to say


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Don´t you just hate it when people come up and try to talk with you? I hate it. Or well, maybe not hate it, but I´m not a huge fan of talking. It´s part of the job when you play hockey on the highest level. Need to talk with reporters and with other people who want to hear your opinion about something, but god dam, it´s just not for me.

I´m from Finland,so maybe that has something to do with it? I must admit that I get the same feelings when I´m back in Finland. Somebody asks me something,

I don´t want to say anything. Some of the Finnish people that I see talk a lot. I mean a lot.

I don´t really mind if people talk with each other when I´m near,but the problems start when they expect me to say something. I can say a word or two,but that´s about it. There is nothing I cant say with five or so words. I guess I need to start practicing talking more. Things are starting to get really awkward out there. 

Tone down the talking part of talking, that is all what I´m asking. Less words, more happiness. 


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