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Claimed:Ryan Price New GM in Bern! [FINAL: 6/6]


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(Ryan Price to media on being named General Manager of Bern Royals)

Ryan Price was named General Manager in the VHLM of the Bern Royals. He is now described as Goalie/GM as Player/GM is overused. Ryan Price was ecstatic when he learned he'd be the new General Manager in Bern. He gave this statement the next night he was appointed:


"I'd like to thank the VHLM executives to have offered me such a prestigious job and i'll try my best everyday! I was the goalie in Bern for two seasons claimed off waivers then put into the dispersal draft and came back to the Bern Royals, that barely ever happens. To the city and people of Bern, Let's win a championship eh?"

Ryan Price was a little shaky at first and then brought it together days later. He attended the draft where we draft the following;

Olivia Diamond 5th Overall

Vincent Virtanen 7th Overall 

Alessandro Hedfors 15th overall

Ryan Price weighs in on his decisions;

"Olivia Diamond was on our top 2 list for the 5th pick. I was so happy when we got in touch with her telling her she would be with the Royals for the inaugural Season 46. Vincent Virtanen was also on our list as he was a good asset on the wing for us. Alessandro Hedfors is underrated and would be on the second defense pairing but you could see him blossom soon."

He seems very impressed with his pick ups as Olivia Diamond is a possibility for the captaincy. Ryan Price said she is likely to get the team to vote someone for captain and  two for assistant captains. Once we get these guys rolling it should be fun. It's sad we lost Parachekin and Hamilton but we can keep going. We have the assets and players to become a championship winning team. Waivers will play part in this but other than that we'll be fine. 


(Parachekin and Hamilton in playoffs)

But as the season rolls around and more players are welcomed into waivers by the Victory Hockey League Evaluation the more teams will see their teams turn. Ryan Price addresses his wants;


"I'm looking for a star center, we tried to get Covington but that didn't work out. Us in the Bern Royals organization will be focusing on getting more depth down the middle as well as on the wings. Defense can wait a little longer. We have me in net and hopefully can pull a snazzy backup out of waivers or something!"

"Expect big things in Bern" Is what Ryan Price had to say.

So watch out for the Bern Royals this season as with a new GM they are lock and loaded to take revenge and win it all in the VHLM. 


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Content: 3/3 - A nice perspective on the new Bern GM's drafted thoughts and initial thoughts heading into the season. Congratulations on the new role and I wish you all the best!

Grammar: 2/2 - A few punctuation mistakes
seasons claimed off  = seasons. claimed off
- where we draft the following; = where we drafted the following:
- the inaugural Season 46. = for Season 46 (inaugural would mean Season 1)

Appearance: 1/1 - It was fine for the most part. A title would be advised for next time, as would keep the same style font for the duration of the article. 

Overall: 6/6

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