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Decisions, decisions


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When Stockholm Viking's goalie stated he was going to be testing free agency this offseason, I'm sure a lot of people were assuming it was all a hoax. However, one day into the signing period and Blake Campbell has yet to jump ship and sign back with the Viking's. Rumor has it a few GM's had contacted him prior to opening day and currently 3 or so offers stand on the table for him to choose from. While he has numerous options, we feel as though there's 2 who stand out above the rest. New York and Stockholm we believe are the 2 teams who could land his services. Time will tell and we expect a signing shortly. While we wait, this is what Blake has said to say about Free agency so far.

It's been a good experience and I'm glad I chose this path. I'd like to thank each and every team who made an offer or pitch for their efforts to try and attract my services for them in between the pipes. My goal is to win the cup! As much as it is important to be surrounded by a great, loyal and successful core - my ultimate goal is winning games and the cup. Stockholm isn't a weak team so the option is always there to go back. A couple teams made pitches who were a bit weaker - obviously , I'm undecided but the chances are low until I look more into it. I'm currently watching where the rest of Free Agents go. Like I said and I can't stress it enough, I want to win. Right now the chances of me going back to Stockholm? Yesterday it was 50/50. Today? I like the idea of change. I can always return to Stockholm after a season (however I think they just drafted a goalie so if that's the case - 30% chance I resign with Stockholm).

Teams, if you wish to make another pick or throw me your ideas or what you think will be in store for us - giver. Please don't come to me saying "cup, cup, cup". Be realistic or Ill shut the door and slam your dick in it. 

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