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Claimed:Draft Outcomes for TOR and SEA [FINAL: 6/6]


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Last week, I explored the draft possibilities of the two teams that held the majority of the picks in the S46 VHL Entry Draft, Toronto and Seattle. Now that the draft is in the rear view, it's time to take a look at how those teams fared and what they can expect down the road.


Round 1, Pick 1: LW Zach Parechkin
Round 1, Pick 3: C Sean Blacker
Round 1, Pick 5: RW Pete Stockton
Round 1, Pick 7: D Saul Hackett
Round 1, Pick 9: RW LeAndre St. Pierre
Round 2, Pick 13: D World B. Free
Round 2, Pick 20: G Cooper Supernaw
Round 3, Pick 22: G Craig Fernzy

Toronto made eight picks in all, and the players they picked could be a pretty decent starting lineup in and of themselves. General manager Mike Molholt used his first three picks to make a line for himself. Parechkin was the consensus first overall pick, and it was no surprise when Toronto picked him there. Blacker made a slight jump when he was picked third overall, but he's been a consistent player up to this point and, with another season of VHLM seasoning, should be a top-line center in no time. Stockton's track record of inconsistency likely caused him to fall to fifth, but he's been a top-notch contributor so far in his career and has shown no signs of slowing down. Hackett was once considered a possibility in the lottery, but a recent drop-off in interest from the young defender caused him to fall all the way to seventh. The Legion closed out their picking in the first round with St. Pierre, a relatively unknown talent who has nonetheless shown a very strong worth ethic and great attitude that could propel him into the VHL sooner rather than later.

Toronto's later picks saw them open with Free, an unspectacular defender who still always puts forth a decent effort and is a great presence in the locker room. They closed out their draft with two goaltenders, hoping that one can come in and take hold of the starting goaltender job, although both have a long way to go. Supernaw is closer to that reality at the moment, but has been a non-factor in practice for most of the season. Fernzy is farther away in development than Supernaw, but has at least shown up to make the gesture of signing his contract in person. Whether that's the start of a great career in the VHL remains to be seen, but it's a good first step regardless.


Round 1, Pick 2: D Jeff Hamilton
Round 1, Pick 4: RW Shawn Muller
Round 1, Pick 10: RW Niels Skovgaard
Round 2, Pick 15: C Jory Rose
Round 3, Pick 21: LW Lars Siktanc
Round 3, Pick 29: RW Jayden Fasth
Round 3, Pick 30: LW Kenny Keeley

Seattle, as I mentioned last week, was not in as strong of a position at the draft as Toronto was, but is farther along with their roster and has the benefit of an intriguing goaltending prospect, Ryan Price. They used this draft to shore up some of the talent up front, but began by selecting the premier defenseman in Hamilton. The  rest of the draft  was a cavalcade of forwards, mostly wingers. The best of the bunch is Muller, selected at fourth overall and a possible plug with the Bears as early as this season. They didn't pick again until the end of the first, when they selected a quiet potential star in Skovgaard, who could use the upcoming VHLM season to show his stuff on a grand stage.

Their first pick in the second round was quite the steal, as Rose put together a great season last year and has shown that he's interested and capable of being a top center in the VHL. Their three picks in the third round probably won't fare as well. Siktanc and Fasth both have strong pedigrees, but those bloodlines died out long ago and neither player is likely to step foot on VHL ice. Keeley is the same, minus the intrigue of being descended from VHL Hall-of-Famers.

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Toronto did have a hell of a draft. All the way down to Cooper Supernaw who may have missed practice but with some guidance with those people above him he can become a Ryan Price.

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they had an ok draft. didnt get Muller though. so they lost the draft. 

You were ranked as the #27 prospect on the VHLSC final draft board that was unreleased; there were only 27 prospects on it.

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they had an ok draft. didnt get Muller though. so they lost the draft. 

You were ranked as the #27 prospect on the VHLSC final draft board that was unreleased; there were only 27 prospects on it.

you are ranked the #1387th member, there are only 120 active members.

Member Unknown is fine with me!

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Content: 3/3 - A very nice review of the draft for Toronto and Seattle. They really did dominate the draft and we'll see who out of the at draft class sticks around. I hope Renomistu does. World B Free could be a steal at that spot if they can manage to keep him active. Nice read

Grammar: 2/2 - Don't sweat the small stuff
all, and = all and
- the consensus first overall pick = the consensual first overall pick

Appearance: 1/1 - Pretty and it was useful to have the draft results of each teams


Overall: 6/6

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