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Ottawa Selects Morgan In Push For Rebuild


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      November 6th, 2015 | By NATALIA NORTHERN

Ottawa – Kasey Morgan is officially one step closer to entering the VHL.

Marked one of the sounder prospects of next seasons draft, regarded by many as a talent that’ll get better as time goes on, and one that could possibly help whatever franchise lands him, was selected by the Ottawa Lynx during the VHLM Dispersal Draft for season 46. As a move to make a push at a playoff run, Ottawa’s not only retooled their front office, but they’ve handpicked several players who could make it big once they are drafted and make their debuts in the VHL.

While the sound of a rebuild isn’t anything for either a VHLM or VHL franchise. This rebuild is aimed at trying to bring back a championship to the once great city of Ottawa, that’s seen it’s’ share of players seemingly disappear. While the fans also seemed to have forgotten its own VHLM franchise, and respectively so the fans haven’t been treated to a decent playoff campaign in several seasons; which isn’t kosher by most standards and practices.

Morgan spent the last half of the previous VHLM season with the Bratislava Watchmen, who were clearly out of the playoff picture by the time they inked a short-term deal with Morgan. It’s rough to say if it was out of spite to claim Morgan through waivers, but the experience was rough with so many holes on the team.


As for what Morgan can bring to the table as a member of the Lynx remains to be seen, but if he applies himself he’s going to go far with so many great prospects to surround himself with, not to mention a cup hungry General Manager who’s looking to do everything in his power to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat (if not failure.)

During his off-season, Morgan spent most of his time working on his backhand with Tennis and working out ahead of the next VHLM Season. Morgan flew back to the states where he spent a few weeks in California, just to clear his head at the utter confusion that had been the first taste of the ice on the ‘next level’ but he remains determined to make sure to put tons of practice hours into actually working on becoming a better player.

While fans in Ottawa merit his selection as lukewarm as possible, the 2nd round seems perfect for a player who hasn’t had the chance to prove himself. Ottawa’s rebuild is sure going to be an interesting one, but with players like Kasey Morgan on the team who are going to give it their all there’s a chance the Lynx are coming away with an opportunity to win a cup.

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