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Cologne GM Change


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Due to my faded interest in being as active an involved with the league effective immediately I will be stepping down as GM of the Cologne Express. 

Id like to thank all the great players and members I've had the pleasure of GMing. Got the trains our first cup and I'm proud of that. Greg has been awesome enough to step up to the plate and will be the next GM. When he's motivated he's one of the best GMs in the league and I look forward to his tenure. Due to GM player rules and as discussed with the Blue Team Greg's next player when he shows up will mean a forced trade for the now scrubby near welfare Thaddeus Humbert. 

Best of luck to Greg I really feel like we got a great candidate.

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why would Cologne forfeit the pick? no one has drafted Gregs player yet so hes not screwing anyone over?

He is technically a player in the draft. Otherwise they just got a free player for nothing. Come on Shawn!

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I don't see why Kendrick.

Greg is a player for the S47 draft, a draft that is still a season away from occurring. Humbert was the GM player that was given to Cologne after Laich retired. Provided Greg trades Humbert before his own player comes up to the VHL in Season 47 no rule is being bent or broken.

If we were closer to the S47 draft I'd say there was an argument for removing a key player, but GM's just finished scouting for the S46 draft, they only have begun to scout for S47. Giving people a season of notice is fair. 

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