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Claimed:Arcturus Mengsk Rookie Profile [Final: 8/8]


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Player Information
Full Name: Arcturus Mengsk

Position: D
Age: 22
Handedness: Left

Jersey Number: 77
Height (inches): 6'3"
Weight (lbs.): 230
Birthplace: Ukraine

Arcturus Mengsk path to being a VHL rookie started in the icy tundra of the Ukraine.  He set a path away from the family business of military and government.  Mengsk sought to become a professional hockey player.  Through various minor league and youth organizations the Federation of Ukraine (FHU), Professional Hockey League (PHL), and the Junior Hockey League (MHL) Mengsk developed into a defenseman with potential. 


He earned the attention of VHL Minor league club the Moscow Red Wolves.  Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it Mengsk was quickly traded to the Bratislava Watchmen.  He was barely on the team after being picked up via waivers.  With the Watchmen he struggled at times throughout the season but started to show flashes of offensive prowess and power play leadership.


Season 44 Stats
GP: 69
G: 11
A: 35
PTS: 46
Rating: +7
13 Power Play Points


The Moscow Red Wolves also saw this development and drafted him fifth overall in the VHLM Draft.  During the season with Moscow Mengsk completely shredded other teams from the point.  He was given the Ryan Sullivan Trophy for top defenseman and Vladimir Boomchenko Trophy for most assists.  He even had a couple votes for the MVP award and a vote for playoff MVP.  The team would go on to win the Founder’s Cup award and Mengsk was brought on board to Seattle.  He will enter Season 46 as a rookie for the Bears.

Season 45 Stats
GP: 72
G: 36
A: 100
PTS: 136
Rating: +66
45 Power Play Points


Offensive Power – Initially more of a weakness the off-season between 44 and 45 was spent toning this skillset.  His ability to shoot from the blue-line has now become one of the strengths of his game.  The accuracy and power whether it’s a slap shot or quick wrist shot rivals that of many VHL greats.  The polish is that of a skilled veteran and not of a young rookie.

Skating – As a fairly big defenseman you expect him to be a straight up bruiser and not be very agile on the ice.  He moves with finesse and speed that often catches the other team off guard.  He seems to be a more physical player but in reality uses his footwork and creates mismatches and opportunities for the offense.

Defensive Awareness – His flashy offensive play is what has people around the league talking.  However at his core and his biggest strength is on the defensive side of the ice and turning it into an offensive play.  He plays so well in his own zone and can read the play developing that a quick intercepted pass can turn into an odd man advantage.


Physicality – Originally in his first season in the minors this was the strength of his game.  After spending the entire off-season working on his shot the offense flourished at the expense of being physical.  He has the size and ability for this to be a strength but not finishing the hit is becoming a concern.  Mengsk doesn’t often knock players off the puck and instead always looks to take control of the puck rather than tying up the other player.

Puck Handling – While his ability to shoot the puck is well documented he doesn’t possess good hands when trying to move with the puck.  Often he is caught looking down rather than keeping his head up while skating with the puck.  Don’t expect him to be pulling any triple deke Mighty Duck moves any time soon.

Passing – Looking at his stats including most assists last season in the minors you would expect this to be a strength.  However the truth is most of his assists come from shots that go wide of the net, are deflected at the net, or are rebounds put in by another player.  Also thinking the a pass is really just a shot to your own team it is surprising that he struggles with accuracy.

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Overview: 2/2 - All the required information is there. Looks good. Nice brief bits of information about his career so far as well.

Pros & Cons: 3/3 - Good pros and cons, and some fine detail. I think Mengsk will flourish into a great player.

Grammar: 2/2 - Most of the article is just you missing commas, although it doesn't happen too often.

"During the season with Moscow Mengsk" - with Moscow, Mengsk...
Initially more of a weakness the off-season" - more of a weakness, the off-season...
 Also thinking the a pass is really just a shot " - thinking the a pass?

Presentation: 1/1 - Looks fine. Also as you said, the formatting is off a bit.


Overall: 8/8

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