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S45 Hall of Fame Induction


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Hello all and welcome to the Season 45 VHL Hall of Fame Induction ceremony! Several worthy veterans had hopes of this being their year as there was only one new addition to the ballot – and he has now been swiftly removed from it as he was unanimously inducted straight away.

Tom Slaughter joins the illustrious list of first-ballot Hall of Famers and it was of course a no-brainer, as he lived up to the VHLM success, the pre-draft hype, and top rookie season. Slaughter was the true first overall pick in Season 37 in all but name but was quite content with going third overall for various reasons, as he still ended up on the team where he would make his name: New York. Slaughter never had a bad season and strung together five straight 100-point campaigns to end his career, while being a key part of New York's record-breaking four Victory Cups and two championships. His late-career move to Stockholm saw more individual hardware and becoming a leader on a promising young team.


C - Tom Slaughter, S37-S44 :nya::sto:

576 GP, 322G, 516A, 838P, +396, 129PIM, 194HIT, 190SB, 54GW, 63.93 FO%

S37 Christian Stolzschweiger Trophy

S39 Mikka Virkkunen Trophy

S40 Mikka Virkkunen Trophy

S43 Scotty Campbell Trophy

Two Continental Cups (S39, S41)


The Board of Governors could not decide on who else to induct alongside Slaughter and in the end chose to induct just one player this season. The vote was distributed as follows:

Tom Slaughter 15/15


Wesley Kellinger 4/15

Max Kroenenburg 2/15

Felix Peters 2/15

Mike Szatkowski Jr. 2/15

Brick Wahl 2/15


However, the BOG did decide to induct a new Builder into the Hall of Fame this season and that man is Phil Knight! A member who has avoided holding down roles of obvious responsibility, he has nonetheless performed many important duties for the league, including grading, updating, compilation of various statistics for the Hall of Fame, and enthusiastically running several edition of World and Super Cups. We can not quantify Phil's locker room impact but his Top Leader awards speak for themselves and a strong team spirit is often key to members' interest in the league.

Congratulations to Phil and Sterling on your umpteenth inductions to the Hall of Fame! :cheers:  

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This is a huge honour. I feel really grateful. I know most of the stuff I do with this site flies under the radar so this is a fantastic achievement!! I am the slave of the VHL. I'll do the grinding dirty work. This is amazing :')

Congrats Sterling on another player induction... though let's be honest, we all saw this coming.

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