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Hey! World Cup Starts Soon! Here's A Tracker!


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The World Cup will return at the end of this season and I’ve decided to jump ahead and look at who would be available for each prospective roster to select. As a result of that, I’ve posted the link to the current World Cup player tracker as it stood as of Saturday that I’ve used to help me in my upcoming articles. 


Edit: The red highlight means that the player is from Season 39, so can only play in the tournament if they do not retire until after the season.


It certainly should be an interesting tournament. Can Canada medal for the first time since Season 37 with Atticus Von Braxton IV at goalie? The Mercenaries had their best ever performance last season after they reached the Semi-Finals, who will be available to help them this year? Team World picked up their first medal last tournament where they picked up a bronze and this tournament, they will have their best goalie yet in Ariel Weinstein, can he help them move up the podium? After picking up a silver medal in Season 40, Scandinavia failed to make the Semi-Finals in Season 43, can their group of young offensive prospects help them improve this year? Team USA couldn’t repeat last tournament after winning in Season 40, how badly will the losses of Slaughter, Wolf, Mikaelson and Wylde affect them? Finally, can last tournaments winners Team Western Europe win yet again having barely lost any players from their successful efforts in Season 43? 


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What do the players in red mean?

Ha, was editing that in just as you posted that.


They're S39 players. Figured I'd highlight them since they have the most chance of not being there when the tournament starts, since they might choose to retire at trade deadline. 

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