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Podcast Questions?


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No seriously, ANYTHING?

Alright then: 

When I go to urinate I feel this burning sensation on the inside of my urethra. Should I stop trying to put things up there?

Are you happy with Jory Rose's peeing ability?

What drills could you use to increase his proficiency in the art of streamlining (his pee).

What's the oddest place you've peed?

If this were the PHL, which cities would have teams?

Also, predictions for this season on Rose's performance?

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S47 Draft is currently the suck come up with an awesome contest to get people to recruit more.

Do people not like asking podcast questions because there is a ton of podcasts or people just naturally lazy?

Do you walking dead?  What's up with Glen?

Did you watch the Warcraft trailer?  Thoughts?

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