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Claimed:John Sleeman Rookie Profile [Final: 8/8]


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John Sleeman - Defense

6' 3" 215lbs

Born: Guelph, Ontario

Hockey's Future Rating: 9.0 B 


Early Career

John started skating when he was just four years old. However he did not join his first hockey team until he was seven and at that time most of the serious players, as serious as a player could be at the age of seven were already far better skaters. John's dad told him that if he really wanted to be a professional hockey player he'd have to work very hard and it would take up most of his time. With his father's words in mind he worked at his game everyday and eventually he earned a try out with the Guelph Storm. He would play 2 seasons with the Storm, he progressed at a very high pace during those two seasons. During his first season he was outmatched physically by opposing players and his lateral movement was his downfall as he only was dressed in half his team's games. Due to his large but lanky frame he would have to fill out to improve his quickness. After an off season of condition and rigorous training he was able to improve both of his biggest flaws. His second season went much more smoothly and he would appear in all 72 of Guelph's games, his steady player would earn him a VHLM try out with Bratislava. 


Play Style

John Sleeman plays a two-way game. His skating and passing are his biggest asset. He uses both his hockey IQ and his quickness to acquire the puck in the defensive end and quickly move the puck up ice. John's strength has been his biggest question mark up to this point as he is still considered to be a tall lanky defender. Most scouts believe he will fill out his frame before becoming a pro. At this point he would be described as an all around defenseman who is good at every facet of the game. The question is whether he can excel and continue improving to become the franchise defenseman all teams covet. 


Skating - As previously mentioned John's biggest asset is his skating. He was considered the best skater in the OHL this past season. This doesn't only refer to speed but balance and explosiveness as well. Some are calling him a poor man's Bobby Orr the way he can move the puck up ice just with his skating alone. One scout said that if he can match his hands to skates he'll be unstoppable.

Passing - Sleeman's high hockey IQ and vision allow him to make a great first pass. Also he showed quite a bit of poise when quarter backing the Storm's power play this season. He also has great timing as he never passes behind a player it's always just a head or tape to tape. His passing and skating alone make him a danger for opposing defenses. 

Defense - Because of his other strengths his defense often goes unnoticed. Though he lacks in strength his hockey IQ allows him to read plays and see the opposing teams next move. This allows him to always be in perfect position to defend a pass or check an opposing player. 


Strength - Currently weighing in at 215lbs most would not consider him to be lanky or weak but his weight is misleading. John still has a lot of his baby fat so he'll have to shed that and start putting on pure muscle before he's ready to go pro. His coaches in the VHLM will be sure to whip him into shape. If he can fill out his frame and keep his quickness he'll be a force to be reckoned with.  

Shot - This may be due to his strength but at his team's super skills his slap shot was noted at 64 miles per hour. That is far weaker than what his teammates scored, with the average being 80 miles per hour. His accuracy however is quite good, so if the speed of his shot can ever match the accuracy it'll just be another weapon in his arsenal. 

Leadership - Due to a lack of maturity and perhaps living on his own for the first time John got himself into some trouble. He was fined for the public consumption of an alcoholic beverage.Since the incident his off ice behavior has improved vastly. In the dressing room he is described as quiet. So if he ever wants to be a leader he's going to have to come out of his shell. 


Based on what we know we'd say the safe bet at this point would be to project Sleeman as a number one defensemen. However we see franchise potential in John Sleeman and if he continues improving at the rate he has then we believe he'll achieve that status in due time. 


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Overview: 2/2 - Great Rookie Profile, buddy. I like the addition of playing style as well.

Pros & Cons: 3/3 - Good pros and cons. Love that you add Leadership in there for "speaking up" since sometimes you're not around in the LR. :P You'll do wonders for any VHL team.

Grammar: 2/2 - Not really much here to note.

"he never passes behind a player it's always just a head" - behind a player, it's always just ahead
"the opposing teams next move" - team's

Presentation: 1/1 - Looks legit.


Overall: 8/8

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