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Claimed:Blake Campbell Free Agency Announcement [Final: 6/6]


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The season had ended early for the Stockholm Vikings and when we say early, we mean early. Unlike last season when they just about made it all the way to hoisting the cup, the Vikings missed out on the playoffs having at best, a mediocre season. While this was not overly one specific person's fault, the word "change" has been floating in the air for quite sometime now in Stockholm and it seems to be inevitable. For all players on the Vikings organization, sitting on the sidelines watching teams play in the postseason was extremely difficult. For Blake Campbell, their starting goaltender, it was the toughest thing he's went through during his short career. Having described it as "awful" and "boring", the goalie almost lost his mind.

It was easily the toughest thing I've gone through during my career yet. It's disheartening to lose out of playoffs, but to not even make them, I don't even know how to describe other than by saying it's a really shitty feeling. I'd be sitting at home with my parents, friends or the girlfriend and they'd always ask if I wanted to watch one of the games. Being polite, I said sure. It was very difficult to know there could have been so much hockey left, yet I'm sitting on the couch eating away the pain glorified in barbeque sauce and hot wings. It wasn't fun and I don't want to be in that position ever again.

As most are aware, if not all, Blake Campbell has decided to do something he hadn't done before in his career. Campbell has been testing the Free Agency waters to see out other potential options for himself. During opening day of team to player discussions, Campbell stated multiple teams had come to him. Rumors have it, Seattle, Toronto, New York and Stockholm were some of those teams. Once opening day for signings had come, those teams dropped slightly. As the days went on, one offer was withdrawn and two stood in Campbell's way. Making a decision such as this is never an easy task for a lot of players in the league or any league for that matter. You have to go against old teammates and management and call a new place home. There's that possibility anyway. Campbell was faced with the decision: Do I sign onto another contract with Stockholm or do I sign with New York?

Here's the catch. Rumor has it that the moment Campbell signs with Stockholm, he's going to be dealt to New York anyway. Along with those rumors, we have some sources that say the price is significantly high. Now, does it make sense for a free agent to leave one team and go to one he was originally planning to go to anyway, but rather than go for free, he costs his team a significant value in draft picks? The point of Free Agency is to have the choice to leave a team. This is how it is in any other league on the planet. So the question Blake Campbell now faces is: Do I sign with Stockholm and help them out and cost my new team draft picks? In doing so, you weaken the clb as those assets could have been used to gain other assets to make the team stronger. OR, do you sign with New York and leave behind Stockholm - potentially burning bridges (even though it shouldn't). When asked, this is what Blake had to say.

I've never done anything like this before obviously. There have been a lot of great people on Stockholm and are a lot of great people on Stockholm. Up until now, myself and Boub had seen eye to eye. However, because of this situation, it has caused a lot of tension. I'm being told that if I leave and don't sign and trade, I'm not loyal. That I fucked the team over. BUT, If I sign and trade, I'm fucking my new team over. I dislike being called "not loyal". I've stuck with the team and honestly, If I could stay and we could be a contending team, I would retire there. I've been told a retool or rebuild is inevitable. The VHL does not allow our careers to go over 8 seasons, so I can't afford to wait out a rebuild. If I could, I totally would. Another thing that came up was that I always planned to leave because I signed one year deals. If I remember correct, I signed my initial 3 year deal and then my 2 year deal.  Aside from that fact, I would ever only sign one year deals because I don't want to be trapped in a poor, negative situation. In an LR I want to be in. I want to be in total control. I'll sign 8 1 year deals with a team. It doesn't mean I'm not loyal. I just want the option to go.

Blake Campbell was selected 8th overall in the S42 draft by the Stockholm Vikings. Since then, for most of the time, he's been the team's starting goalie. Now, he must make a decision and his decision is...


It was tough to make this decision. Boubabi really placed guilt on me stating "don't expect nothing from me then" and that I "wasn't loyal". It was used against me that If I didn't sign and trade, New York would not be sent other assets from Stockholm to New York to help them win. It didn't make sense for me to sign and trade. I either go there for free, or I go there anyway because Boubabi was gonna trade me there but for a significant amount of picks. Thus, hurting my new team and having them give up assets which could have made us stronger. I loved Stockholm. I'd love to help them. I would have done anything to win a cup there but by being in a "transition phase", that likely won't happen. Boubabi was a great acquaintance and was a great guy to have around the LR. He was a good manager in my eyes and treated me well to this point. Up until now, I really enjoyed his presence and such. Don't get me wrong, I still do but I know he's gonna be pissed off. It's nothing personal. The whole point is to win and I'm giving myself the best option to do that. We have 8 years in our career to do that. Signing and trading is not my best option at this point. 

With that said, I'm excited to join my new teammates and new management. I'm excited for the new opportunity and experience in the VHL. My time was great in Stockholm and I learned a lot. Hopefully I can be taught a thing or two in New York. After all, Advantage was the guy behind the legendary Brick Wahl and DT of course being last seasons Shaw winner prior to retiring. I expect some happy emotions from my new teammates and disheartened, upset ones from my prior ones. To those in Stockholm, sorry, but this is part of the game - of the league - of any league. I thank you all for our times together and the effort you put into chasing the cup together as a team. I could be back next season - you never know. It's simply good bye for now. To my new teammates, thank you to some of you for reaching out to me and helping me through this period in my career. 

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I should have drafted (put the elite goaltender name who was available at the draft) when I had the chance !

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Hey now, no need to be upset. It's the name of the game and dont try to guilt. Other teams in the past have lost players. What's happened has happened. If anything, blame the league for forcing me to retire. If that wasn't the future for me and I could have say a 13 year career, I likely would have stayed. Being guilted and such didn't really make me want to stay. Sorry? I want to hoist a cup and want to try in NY - nothing personal.


Anyway, thanks for the fun and such. Best of luck to you and the boys. 

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Content: 3/3 - Quite the write about Campbell's history with Stockholm and what went through your player's mind as he came to a decision on where he wanted to play during free agency.  Really fun to read!  PS.....  you should have thought about a no-trade clause :P  ~1260

Grammar: 2/2 - Some capitalization errors but good overall

quite sometime = quite some time

Free Agency = free agency (meh)

clb = club (I assume, anyways)

myself and Boub had = Boub and I had

BUT, If I sign = BUT, if I sign

honestly, If I = honestly, if I

being last seasons Shaw = being last season's Shaw


Appearance: 1/1 - yes.


6/6 OVR

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