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Off to a Good Start


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After being selected 1st overall in the Season 46 VHL Entry Draft, left winger Zach Parechkin had high hopes with the Toronto Legion. While being a superstar in the VHLM for the Bern Royals and Brampton Blades, people were skeptical with whether it would carry over to the big leagues.

Well, while it is only 2 games into the season and Zach's pro career, he is off to a fine start. Zach Parechkin scored his first VHL goal in his first career game, and got his first career assist in his second game, giving him 2 points in 2 games. While both of those games were losses, he remains a +3, which might come off as surprising. The first line for the Legion has been great in those games, and the early showings of the Molholt/Parechkin one-two punch has looked stellar.

Parechkin also leads the league right now in hits, with 13 in 2 games, tied with Stockholm's Lloyd Light and Lord Karnage. Being in that company early on in his career is promising.

It will be interesting to see if these numbers can keep up at this pace, and whether he can stay at a point-per-game pace. Obviously, it is extremely early in his career with only a couple of games being playing, but he has performed well against good squads in the Riga Reign and Helsinki Titans. With Toronto's lineup being as slim as it is, and not expecting anything huge this season, Zach will get all the chances he needs throughout the season to achieve decent numbers. An optimist would maybe look to another player from the Dollar and a Dream Agency, Travis Boychuk and his rookie season of over 100 points. Zach Parechkin easily possesses the skill set to reach those heights, but the big question is whether he can get there.

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