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New season


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You know what that means? New sponsors ! Damn right!

My personal sponsorship deals ended recently and now I have been looking for new ones. The great thing about sponsors is that you get free stuff! Sometimes they invite you to cool events where you can meet new people and make some connections. I´m not a huge fan of that. I´m purely in it for the free stuff! Also the money you get is nice. Some sponsors wont pay you that much,but hey, free money for doing basically nothing. Or at least I´m not doing that much for my sponsors.

All I do is wear clothes with the sponsors logo on it or just wear clothes they give to me and promote their clothes that way. I´m not a huge celebrity yet so I don´t have that many sponsors. I only had like 3 sponsors last season. Two of them were food related. My local shops gave me -20% off from everything I bought.

In total I saved close to 300 dollars last season. Pretty nice. I´m hoping to find bit more lucrative deals in the next few weeks for this season, we shall see what I manage to find!


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