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Moscow introduces new Starting goalie


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Moscow has signed Ivars Klajums a goalie with 96 practice hours as their new starting goalie. He has about 30 more practice hours than the incumbent starting goalie Lenny Face. In his career spanning from Season 41 Klajums played in 72 games with the Brampton Blades with a record of 39-31-2 with a 0.890 save percentage and 4.15 G.A.A. He also had 6 shutouts and 3 assists in that season. In playoffs he was unable to help the Blades avoid the sweep against the Saskatoon Wild. He went 0-4-0 with a 0.864 save percentage and a 5.50 G.A.A. In Season 42 he found himself with the Bratislava Watchmen. He played in 62 games and compiled a record of 7-53-2 with a 0.897 save percentage and a 5.13 G.A.A. In his defence though, Bratislava wasn't that great a team and he did the best he could. In season 43 he served as backup to Davild Blind only picking up a few minutes, 22 to be exact. He wasn't given a decision. He hasn't played in the VHLM since S43 and now he is expected to carry the hopes of every Moscow Red Wolves fan. GM Shawn Howard was quoted "I really had no other options, the other VHLM GM's did not want to give up their goalies so I went to the bargain bin and found Klajums needed a team after finishing 2 years playing in his native Latvia." Klajums has a career record of 46-84-4 with a save percentage of 0.929 (1 game in S43 skews this) and a 3.09 G.A.A. Let's hope he picks up his game with a better team than when he was with the sad sad Bratislava Watchmen.

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