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Claimed:VHL Superlatives [Final 6/6]


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VHL Superlatives

Draper decided to not do a team point task this season, which registered no complaints as people need a little break from them I suppose. Instead, we get a doubles week for point tasks :3. So I figured since we aren't doing team superlatives, I would mention my picks for superlatives.

1.      Best trash talker – Phil

This award is tough, because I would give it to Ball if he were still active, as no one is better at making DT and Kesler rage than Ball. However, because Ball is not active I give this to Phil. You are probably thinking “but Phil is such a nice guy, why him?” Well Phil throws some excellent shades, yet somehow people never get mad at him. For example, in a Calgary Quebec chirping thread in S44, Phil said, “Chemistry. Either that our their heads fit in their helmets ;) pewpewpew”


2. Most underrated team – None

I think the VHL rates teams pretty accurately. For example, most people picked either Calgary or Helsinki to win the cup last season, and both teams ended up in the finals.

3. Member most likely to become president - Phil

Going back to Phil’s trash talk, he is able to say the most inflammatory things, yet no one gets mad at him. Plus his podcasting voice is so inspiring.

4. Member you would most like to meet in real life - Ahma

This answer would have been Draper, but I was 5 minutes away from him at one point and he refused to visit. Ahma is very mysterious so I would love to meet him just to see who he really is. Even if you ask him something like his favorite color, he says, “that’s classified.”

5. Most underrated player – Gifford Shock

Shock isn’t really that well known, as he is your typical 400 tpe center. However, Shock put up 110 points for the Express last season, yet no one really noticed. He put up just one less point then Bruno Wolf for comparison

6. Most overrated player – James Faraday

Faraday is a high tpe guy, and often considered one of the elite forwards, and Seattle traded a bunch of 1sts for him at some point. However, for his high amount of tpe, he just doesn’t really produce for some reason, as he only got 80 something points last season.

7. Cutest VHL couple (or bromance) – DT and Kesler

These two pretend to hate each other, but on the inside they both truly love each other.

8. Best GIF poster - Phil

Phil is the best, with the only close one being Boom because his NFL thread posts are hilarious.

9. Team with the brightest future – Helsinki Titans

Lots of good young players like Draper, Phil, Victor, Tylar, etc.

10. Team with the darkest future – Stockholm Vikings

The Vikings just lost their goalie, are currently in last place, and have a bunch of veterans who they are unable to trade due to a combination of the team wanting way too much and others teams moving on and no longer having cap space. The good news for them is they do have two full drafts in the next two seasons though.

11. Member most likely to become a professional athlete - Munk

I hear Munk is really good at soccer.


12. Two members most likely to drink together – Draper and Higgins

They actually do this all the time.

13. Player with the best name – Tim TebowGow

Haters gonna hate.

14. Member that is most calm, cool, and collected - Flyersfan

Jim doesn’t really get upset, yet again he doesn’t really post anymore.

15. Member who likely has and wears a fanny pack - Tylar

I don’t know.

16. Member who likely still owns a Walkman - Ahma

Ahma is an old man who doesn’t like technology, so this is perfect for him.

17. Member who likely has the best facial hair – Ahma

Ahma lives in Finland, is an old man, and told us he had a beard, so he has to win the award.

18. Sorest loser (Eldred Award) - DT

WinGod still reigns supreme.

19. Member most likely to have multis (Anderson Award) – Boubabi

Hue. No comment.

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Content 3/3 Good way to recycle the aborted team PT into an individual PT. I like how you gt progressively lazier as it went on, but there were a lot of topics and a lot of them didn't make a whole lot of sense anyway. You did good with the first ones, so I'll take it.

Grammar 2/2 There were a couple of sentences that could've used commas, but this was good enough where it needed to be.

Appearance 1/1

Total 6/6

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