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Evolution of Time


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A very strange memory came across my mind this morning, on what will be the day of the playoffs if Jardy isn't drunk. I am the General Manager of the Cologne Express who are set to take on Davos this evening. The thing that came to mind is where I started and it has to be one of the most interesting stories out there. In Season 1 I was granted one of eight VHL franchises as the odd man out. Of the 8 General Manager who were given teams at the formation of this league, I was the one who knew very few. It will teach some of the job recruiters around here that giving a new fresh face a chance can sometimes have great dividends (as I've been active ever since), but may also prove that longevity is still upon us. Seattle is still a franchise in this league, a franchise I started 35 seasons ago in the first season when we made the playoffs. The legacy of that team is still here in fact, through many different members, awards and little facts. Did you know the trophy every rookies strives to achieve is named after a man who achieved it with Seattle under my management? Sebastian Ball once stood in Seattle as a rookie before of course giving way to his son who is current a Bears member. 35 seasons ago a career in management started, and seeing victories will still never get old.

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