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Claimed:New sponsors [Final: 6/6]


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After last season my agent contacted me and told me, that every single one of my sponsorship deals are ending in two weeks. At first I was furious, why is my agent calling me? I made it perfectly clear to him previously, that if he has something to say, he will contact my other agent who handles all my interactions with people. 

I cooled down quickly and asked if there is something I should no now? He told me that I should perhaps go out and look for some new sponsors. Now, I´m a hockey player. I don´t know anything about getting sponsors.

I had three sponsors who kept helping me for the last two seasons,but for some reason now they decided to leave me and find someone else to help. My other agent got me those deals. I had to fire her few months ago because she refused to shave my back. She had no passion for the job. Anyways, I had to pretty much do it all by myself this time. 
I went through my contacts and managed to find few friends who promised to help me out. Through my friends, I managed to set up few luch meetings with various people. At first they were not interested at all, but once they heard that I play for the New York Americans, they pretty much promised to be my personal sponsors for at least next three seasons!

To make somewhat long and boring story short. They gave me a new car! The only small problem is that the car is full of logos of the sponsors. They pay me a handsome figure if I keep on driving that car around the city of New York.  I don´t want to tell how much they are paying me,but we are talking about four figure sum. 

Some of you might be wondering who are those sponsors? I don´t want to share that information just yet, but I got four sponsors now! Last season I had three, now I got four. I´m moving on up. Also the money is much higher than in the last deal so, yay!



Look at it! Isn´t it beautiful? Nissan Micra.  Now I can also share who my sponsors are, you can see their logos on my brand new car! 
Interesting to see how much driving I´m going to be doing in the future.

They told me that if I manage to end up on the news or somewhere where lot´s of people can see me drive the car, they will give me a bonus! 

Problem with these personal sponsorship deals can be that the team who you play for might not approve them. Or the sponsors of your team might not approve them. Luckily for me, nobody really cared here in New York. I can have pretty much as many sponsors as I like! 
I´m always looking for new ones so send me a Email or contact my agents if you are interested in getting your logo on my car!

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Content: 3/3 - ~500 words. Funny article, buddy. Awesome sponsors!! :P

Grammar: 2/2 - Not a whole lot, no need to deduct anything.

"something I should no now?" - know, not no
"managed to find few friends" - to find a few friends. I'm assuming you mean "a few", and not "few". Few means not many. A few means some.

Appearance: 1/1 - Looks fine.

Overall: 6/6

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