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Iron Eagles Miss Playoffs Again


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Another year, another disappointment for the loyal fans of the VHL's Vasteras Iron Eagles. Despite winning their first three games of the season, the Iron Eagles sputtered afterwards, winning only one of the next nine games, mostly due to the underwhelming play of young goaltender Eggly Bagelface, who let in a total of 26 goals in seven games during that nine-game period. Losing streaks would continue to plague the Iron Eagles for the rest of the season, suffering losing streaks of four games (2x), three games, nine games, and five games. Another concerning factor for the Iron Eagles was the work ethic of franchise goaltender, Eggly Bagelface. On most nights, Bagelface looked lackadaisical and disinterested, while also showing a lack of emotional fire that was needed for Vasteras to make the playoffs. On the few nights that he played, VAS G showed more determination and willpower to win than Bagelface, while also putting up better numbers, albeit in a smaller sample size. Will this change next season? Fans of the Iron Eagles can only hope.

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