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Claimed:Have Mercy [FINAL: 5]


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Effort 2/2: I can see the effort here

Look 2/3: The background seems a lot better than the render. This could be a good sig if you have chosen a bit more colorful render, because this one you have looks pale and washed out. Text could use some work and those x's aren't giving you any favors here.

Creativity 1/1: Ye

Overall: 5/6


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Effort 2/2: Honestly I don't see A LOT of effort here. That looks like a pre made BG and 7 layers to me. However I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt on this one.

Look 1.5/3: Render looks out of focus, no real effects or lighting, no blending. It definitely needs work to look finished in my opinion. Try some different things with stocks and layer options. Experimentation is key.

Creativity 1/1: I'll give you this

Overall: 4.5/6

Final: 5/6

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