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Claimed:Atticus Von Braxton IV's Rookie Profile [Final: 8/8]


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Atticus Von Braxton IV - Rookie Profile


Age: 23

6"1, 205 lbs

Nepean, Ontario

Professional Team: Ottawa Lynx


Atticus Von Braxton IV is a promising goaltender currently tending the nets of the Ottawa Lynx.  He is the fourth goaltender in the Von Braxton’s history, and just the second to make it to the VHLM.  His father also made it to the VHLM and eventually played twenty-four games with the New York Americans where he unfortunately has the legacy of not winning a single game in one of their only rebuilding years since the mid-twenties.    Atticus will look to fall in line with his father and make a future VHL team after a successful junior hockey campaign with the Ottawa 67’s.  Von Braxton was a solid netminder during his two years in Ottawa amassing a .911 save percentage and 2.64 goals-against-average.  Atticus, after a brief stint with the Brampton Blades, was recently drafted first overall by the Ottawa Lynx in hopes that he can carry his hometown team to a Founder’s Cup victory.



One of Atticus’ greatest strengths is his sound rebound control.  Von Braxton, due to his slightly smaller stature in comparison to other elite goalies, has relied on his rebound control among other attributes to improve his resume among scouts all over the hockey world.  One scout from the VHL said this about his rebound control: “The only times I see him fumble the puck is when there is a lot of traffic.  Otherwise, whatever he sees, he not only stops but swallows.”

In addition, AVB has an impressive glove.  Mixed with his strong reaction time and positioning, it is hard to argue that Von Braxton has a solid all-around technical skill for the position.  His hand speed is a strength and it is a major reason that he is considered tough to beat when there is no traffic in front.  New York Americans General Manager Christopher Miller had this to say about his impressions of Von Braxton: “we have definitely been keeping a good eye on him.  I had his father in New York, and while things could have worked out better for him, I still keep good ties with his family.  His hand speed is one aspect I think is incredibly impressive, and it might already be better than his family’s.”

Positioning can be a goaltender’s best friend (despite the fact that the expression is generally reserved for the three red posts surrounding them).  He was voted the goaltender with the best positioning in the Ontario Hockey League last season, and one General Manager even said that Von Braxton “is as positionally sound as some VHL goaltenders.”  While this agency perhaps views that as slightly exaggerated, there is definitely a lot of promise in his game, with his positioning being one of the real highlights.



This article has already talked about Atticus Von Braxton’s pedigree as one that has been filled with a lot of negativity, and this unfortunately does have to be a potential weakness for the young netminder.  None of the previous three Atticus Von Braxton’s had much success in their hockey careers.  His father had a terrible twenty-four game run with New York, and the previous two failed to make their VHLM teams.  Sometimes these things don’t really matter, but at this point, it has to be considered a concern for any VHL GM’s on how well the fourth installment can improve.

Atticus isn’t necessarily tiny, but in comparison to a lot of the goaltenders who pass through the VHLM, he lacks size.  He does compensate for this issue with his positioning and hand speed, but not unlike other smaller goaltenders who have tried making professional hockey teams, it is an issue that you have to work through.  

Finally, lateral quickness has been a question mark within his game.  Most teams in the OHL worked around his solid positioning by setting up cross-ice plays and deking when possible.  One GM we talked to made the point that, "it wasn't that hard to gameplan for him. He is a smaller goaltender who isn't quick side-to-side and as long as you have a good playmaker and trigger man, you should never have an issue."



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Overview: 2/2 - ~680 words. Easily hit the word mark there. Atticus should have a great career. I have high hopes. :)

Pros & Cons: 3/3 - Nice pros and cons, with a quote by a professional for each one. Good job.

Grammar: 2/2 - Nothing to see here.

Presentation: 1/1 - Looks decent enough.


Overall: 8/8

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