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Claimed:Let the world be free [FINAL: 6/6]


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World B. Free Interview

Hello and welcome all to this week's VHL feature. Today we are sitting down with the Toronto Legion's utmost scrub, your beloved defenseman World B. Free. Free was acquired by the Legion via the 13th overall pick of the S46 VHL Entry Draft. Apparently, Free had a lot of question marks surrounding seeing how he has been a first round selection in last year's VHLM Draft. The Legion still decided to take the chance on him, trusting their coaching staff's ability to deal with the liability that Free is. They even had the chuzpe to call him up into the VHL right away, hoping on their young draftee's ability to cope with big time players like Bismarck Koenig or Thomas O'Malley right away.




World, your name is rather unusual. How do you come up with something like this?

Oh, that's on my parents. I don't even know how or why in the world they thought this would be a good idea. I can only live with it, I guess.


Toronto took a chance on you, drafting you at no. 13 overall. Did you see this coming, or did you walk into the green room at draft night not knowing what's next?

You probably will not believe this when I tell you, but in all honesty I had been excessively drunk when the draft went down. My agent tried to call me on that day before the evening started, but at that time I was already in a condition where I could not attend an official matter anywhere at all. I knew that Toronto was genuinely interesting in selecting me, that interest was mutual from both sides but I had not heard from them in some time. As a consequence I did not really know what to expect going into the draft.


Are you happy that you ended up in Canada?

Oh yeah, I am. This is said without any irony implied. I really respect the Legion's management ever since they contacted me at the start of my full VHLM season with Moscow. They have some experienced staff in their front office, our head coach knows his work and I think the locker room has some serious potential once the crowd gathers in there. I look forward to call this city my home for the coming eight years.


What drove you to insist on being called up?

Well, I could have stayed down in the minor league with Moscow. I have had a fantastic season with the Red Wolves and would have loved to add an extra year to that. Staying in the VHLM would have even paid off in the long run since I would have had more access to training facilities but the VHL head office only allows you to eight pro seasons at maximum and I would not want to miss one of it. The latter has been my main reason to play in the VHL right away.


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Content: 3/3 - Great little article! Funnily enough I was also drunk during the S45 draft and missed my selection announcement. Good luck in my hometown and hopefully, maybe, perhaps, one day, we will play on the same side (that's not counting the World Cup). 

Grammar: 2/2 - Very nice!

Appearance: 1/1 - I guess someone fixed that picture issue for you, haha.

Overall: 6/6

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