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Rough Start

The Quebec Meute have gotten off to a horrid start to begin the season this year in the Victory Hockey League. With fourteen games played so far this season, the Meute have managed to only put up eleven points. With the team in full rebuild move, some may say that being on the outside looking in on the playoff race will truly help the rebuild down the road. Today we'll look at some of the lone bright spots on what will surly be a very dark year.

Francis York Morgan:

During the Season Forty-Four off-season, the Meute acquired Morgan who just finished his second year on a very talented Vikings club. After slightly improving in his first season with the Meute last year, Morgan has played lights out so fr in Season Forty-Six. Morgan sits second on the Meute in points with seven goals and ten assists, which is also good enough to sit second amongst VHL defenseman. Although not the most vocal guy in the dressing room, Morgan seems genuine in his desire to stay and help the Meute through their current rebuild. With a less than stellar club on the ice this season, one can only hope that Morgan can continue to produce at the level he is now.

Benjamin Zeptenbergs:

After having a stellar sophomore season last year, Zeptenbergs knew he was gonna be looked upon to provide even more this season. Zeptenbergs is in his final season of the free agent contract he signed with Quebec at the beginning of last season, and he is looking to show the league he is capable of consecutive productive seasons. So far so good this season for the young Latvian winger, as he leads the Meute with ten goals and in overall points with nineteen. Although he isn't seen as much around practise anymore, Zeptenbergs could play an important role as a depth player down the road for the Meute as they exit their rebuild.

Ariel Weinstein:

The young net-minder who is coming off a disappointing rookie season will be looking for more in his sophomore season. Although Weinstein and the Meute made the playoffs last season, everyone involved with the club knew last season was more about building for the future. This season is no different outside the fact the team actually has draft picks in this years draft. That being said Weinstein is a professional who won't be looking to throw games even though it may better the franchise in the long off. So far this season, Weinstein doesn't have the greatest numbers, but the young Jewish goaltender has kept his save percentage above .900 despite facing nearly thirty-five plus shots a game.

Tom Lincoin:

Although he hasn't played a game for the Meute yet this season, Lincoin is a bight spot on the season for the fans of the franchise. After getting a glimpse of Lincoin last season with the Brampton Blades, fans will be closely watching the Bratislava Watchman games this season to see how their young up-incoming center is doing. Lincoin is currently leading his VHLM club in goals with five, and points with twelve. Lincoin will likely start next season with the Meute, but for now fans will have to check the VHLM box score to get their Lincoin fix.  

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Content: 3/3 - Great synopsis of the Quete this season! (Did you like what I did with that name there?). Rebuilds are tough. but especially on the older more experienced players, who just have an itch to scratch. York Morgan, as a result, is firing on all cylinders. Great read. 

Grammar: 2/2 - 2  things = 2 TPE
in full rebuild move = in full rebuild mode
- so fr = so far

Appearance: 1/1 - The siggies were a nice touch!

Overall: 6/6 - I can't type in the dark

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