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Thaddeus Humbert Speaks Trade, Career Contract Extension, Playing with Biggu


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We are only a few games after the polarizing defender Thaddeus Humbert was traded to the New York Americans. Humbert has been a steady defensive presence, but like his first two seasons into the league he is still slightly inconsistent when it comes to offense. Humbert and the Americans announced today a career extending contract extension, that would make Humbert an American property all the way through till Season 51. Humbert was finally made available to media, to speak on his thoughts. He wasn't taking any questions, but the still young defender had the following to say.

"I'm super excited to be here in New York. What a lot of people don't realize is that our agents, they aren't just our agents. They care about the game. The players in the game. You know it was a weird entry for me into the league because at the time I came in my agent, Mr Power was the General Manager of the Cologne Express. As such I came into Cologne, and you know I enjoyed it there. It was good going for a Cup, seeing some hard working guys in that locker room. Guys that I will miss. Guys like Jackson Miller, Brock Waldron, Nicklas Karlsson. It's good to have Shockey coming this way. But you know I could see the grind getting to my agent, and when he stepped down and returned to his agency positions it wasn't too long until Greg who took over began talking to me about contract extensions if I were to be traded."

"I told Power, as well as Greg the truth of the matter. I just want to play hockey. I have a lot of ground to make up to be as good as I know I can be. These contract talks, free agency talks, trade talks, all it does it put extra pressure and distractions among the players. However I will say that Chris Miller the Americans General Manager was very receptive to me. He told me up front he wanted to me to play with Biggu Kyanon. Bigs and I actually have a history. When he was being scouted by the Express a few seasons ago his player agent had ties with XXX, who as you all know was playing with the Express at the time. At the time, Humbert and Biggu were both prospects, and we were given a chance to come up to a rookie training seminar and camp, and we played together a bit there. I enjoyed playing with him, it's no secret that I'm a strong skater and passer, and he's got one hell of a slap shot from the point. We just seemed to work well together. So when Miller told me his plan was me and Biggu as 1-2 defenders, I was stoked. People often underrate how powerful a solid defensive pair can be in the VHL, and now the pressure is on the both of us to get ourselves to the excellent level we know we can be."


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