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RGIII Rookie Profile


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RGIII Rookie Profile




Robert Gow III’s VHL career started during the trade deadline of Season 34, when he applied for the VHLM waiver wire. RGIII would have applied for the Season 34 VHLM Dispersal Draft, but he had to rehab from a torn ACL. Upon entry into the VHLM, RGIII received little playing time as he was joining a stacked team in the Minot Gladiators. RGIII was delegated to the third line during the Gladiator’s playoff run, largely due to his lack of defensive ability. In Season 35, RGIII was drafted by the Ottawa Lynx with the sixth overall pick due to his offensive potential. However, RGIII has had an abysmal Season 35, netting only 10 goals and 17 assists. While RGIII’s stats may be low, he is still shining with potential and may even break out during Ottawa’s playoff run.





Skating:  RGIII is arguably the fastest skater in the VHLM, and his speed will only continue to improve as he grows into his maturing body. The most exciting part of RGIII’s speed is his acceleration; He routinely turns seemingly normal plays into breakaways or odd-man rushes. His speed can also come in handy on defense through breaking up passes or stopping a potential breakaway.


Puck-Handling: RGIII’s puck-handling is very efficient. He doesn’t have the most dazzling moves, but he is also able to put himself in a good position against the opposing defender. RGIII’s puck-handling abilities really shine when he sets up shop behind the opposing team’s net. He is often likened to Danny Briere for his ability ram wrap arounds in the net or pass one-timers to teammates.


Hockey IQ: Being born into the highly intelligent Gow family, RGIII naturally has a very high hockey IQ (it’s rumored that he was born on the ice of a hockey rink). Gow’s intellect results in very few turnovers, as he always seems to know where his teammates and opponents are. RGIII’s hockey IQ also comes into play in setting up potential breakaways. He often baits the other team into passing to a defender on the point, then steals the puck and creates a breakaway or odd-man rush.






Defense: Because RGIII has such natural offensive abilities he often takes risks in the defensive zone that can cost his team. Gow has caused frustration and grey hairs among many of his coaches due to his inability to hold even a semblance of a defensive mindset. He will often leave his man uncovered in hopes of creating a big play such as an interception. Until a coach can beat defensive reasonability into Gow’s head, it will continue to remain his greatest liability.


Size: At 5 ft. 10 in, and weighing just 175 pounds, RGIII is one of the lighter players in the league. This often leads to him getting knocked off some pucks that larger power forwards would be able to keep. His size is also a liability in the defensive zone as sometimes he is outmuscled by an opponent in the slot. Lastly, RGIII’s lighter frame could lead to potential injury problems down the road as he is not built to take many shots from opponents.


Shooting: While most talented goal-scorers have rocket shots, most of RGIII’s goals come from working down low behind the net. While Gow has decent shot accuracy, he has below-average shot power due to his weak frame and some technique issues. This leads to an inability to create many rebounds or power the puck through the goalie. RGIII’s shooting technique may be improved in the future, but his shot power never is going to be a great strength.

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Content: 5/5 - Well, you guessed correctly: RGIII did breakout during the playoffs, scoring at a point-per-game pace. RGIII seems like he should become a solid scoring winger that any team would love to have. With already more than a fourth of the TPE of your last player, RGIII should be better than Austin in no time. I mean, RGIII has a cup already, something Austin failed to do multiple times. 


Grammar: 1/1 - Very nice.


Appearance: 1/1 - Colors.


Over 500 Words?: 1/1 - Yes.


Overall: 8/8

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