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Claimed:Der Podcast 57 [Final: 6/6]

der meister

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Context: 3/3

I  was one of the 4 views from last week!!

Getting a little chilly here as well near Vancouver...although nowhere near as cold as it is for you. But now, I'm starting to have to scrape ice off my car in the mornings. Woo.

I.T. guy. I've always had an interest in it. Still haven't figured my shit out, and I'm 24. :lol:

Awesome about the kids in hockey. One of my nephews just got into hockey and he's 4. I always find it hilarious when I watch kids playing hockey, seeing every single one of them go for the puck. Staying in position is definitely the way to go.

8 until 11 for your younger daughter is amazing. So sick how she just loves it to bits. Next Wickenheiser, IMO.

I know what you mean by the losses in the finals. I never got the cup like you, but I'm used to losing by now with Boychuk. Hopefully Parechkin has a more positive outcome.

You guys have a good chance for Klose getting another cup. I like your chances.

The sim that SHL uses is pretty decent. Things looked different in the index though, and I honestly think I like VHL's current one better. Tracking giveaways and takeaways would be awesome in a different version though.

Professionalism: 2/2


Editing: 1/1


Overall: 6/6

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