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Claimed:S44's Three-Team Trade, Revisited [FINAL: 6/6]


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Author's Note: I'm writing about this because I can't think of anything better to write about and I was heavily involved...in fact, Quebec traded me twice in the same deal, that has to be a first.

After Season 43 of VHL action concluded, three general managers got together and pulled off the first three-team trade in over fifteen seasons. Seattle, Cologne, and Quebec were all aiming for different goals with the trade, and they completed them to varying degrees. Now that the dust has completely settled, with the Season 46 Draft filling out the back end of the deal, we can see what each team really received from the trade.


Received G Brock Waldron

Traded :col: S46 1st (4th overall, RW Shawn Muller) and :col: S46 3rd (24th overall, LW Thomas Andersson)

GOAL Cologne's portion of the deal was pretty simple: replace the retiring Martin Brookside with another goalie on the downside of his career, hoping that he could help backstop them to another title. If they completed that goal, giving up a first would have been worth the price. Of course, the goal was likely to continue to be competitive into the next season, diminishing the value of that pick they sent Seattle's way.

OUTCOME It wasn't meant to be for the Express. Waldron did what he could, backstopping the Express to a Victory Cup and a European Conference title before falling to the Calgary Wranglers in six games in the Continental Cup finals. They tried to remain competitive into the next season, despite losing several stalwarts from that team, but weren't able to make the playoffs in Waldron's final year.


Received LW Wolfgang Strauss and G Niklaus Mikaelson

Traded G Brock Waldron, :que: S46 1st (5th overall, RW Pete Stockton), and :que: S46 2nd (15th overall, C Jory Rose)

GOAL Quebec was looking to retool their team for their own run at a title, and saw the young and active Mikaelson as an upgrade over the older and stagnant Waldron, who had carried them to several seasons of regular season success only to falter in the playoffs. Strauss was also looked at as an up-and-coming forward to play alongside Bruno Wolf and Aksel Thomassen.

OUTCOME Quebec had plenty of success behind Mikaelson, who was a standout goaltender in both seasons he played with Quebec. Unfortunately for them, neither ended in a championship. The Meute only won one playoff game with Mikaelson, who abruptly retired at the end of last season. Strauss was waived as a cap-relief move near the end of his first season, only to join last season's Continental Cup champions in Helsinki last season.


Received :col: S46 1st (4th overall, RW Shawn Muller), :que: S46 2nd (15th overall, C Jory Rose), and :col: S46 3rd (24th overall, LW Thomas Andersson)

Gave up LW Wolfgang Strauss and G Niklaus Mikaelson

Traded :que: S46 1st (5th overall, RW Pete Stockton) and :hcd: S46 1st (7th overall, D Saul Hackett) to Toronto for :cal: S45 1st (10th overall, G Ryan Price), :hel: S45 2nd (11th overall, C Maxime Deschamps), and :tor: S45 2nd (12th overall, C Jace Hines)

GOAL Seattle was in a clear rebuild at this point, having just settled some front office turmoil with the appointment of Mike Szatkowski as general manager. Giving up a former first-overall and third-overall pick wasn't an easy decision, but bringing in two more first was always the end goal of the trade.

MIDPOINT Prior to the Season 45 Draft, Quebec's first-rounder was shipped with Davos' first to give Seattle three consecutive picks in the middle of the draft.

OUTCOME Seattle's haul is actually very impressive. Muller and Rose are both solid picks, especially Rose as a second-rounder with top-line center potential. Price is the starting goalie of the future, and Deschamps and Hines have potential that may or may not be realized, but all in all both deals could benefit the Bears in the end. They had some help with the faltering of Cologne and Quebec, but it was a well-designed plan that's playing out about as well as could be expected.

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Content: 3/3 - A nice breakdown of an interesting trade. I don't think you could say any team flat out lost on their part of the trade, but I think at this point it's fair to say that Cologne got the most out of it. All depends on how those players in Seattle develop though.

Grammar: 2/2 - Nope.

Appearance: 1/1 - Yup.

FINAL: 6/6

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