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VHL Magazine Power Poll - Recruitment woes


VHL Magazine Power Poll  

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Apologies if info I claim is unavailable is actually available somewhere. If so it'll be corrected for the Mag article.



While people are busy following the many storylines of the season that we have seen so far, there is one big story that should have the attention of every VHL member.


The upcoming draft class currently sits at 12 prospects. That's just enough for one round of the Entry Draft. Recruitment is at an all time low, and clearly it's time for something to change before S47 goes down as the worst draft of all time.


For this week's Power Poll we want to know where you think the blame for this poor recruitment class lies, is it with our regular members for not going around more, or is this on the higher ups of the site, as in Blue Team, BOD, and Recruitment Team?


With the amount of donations that the site gets every season (even if it's down because Canadian dollar sucks), the league should be able to afford at least an ad somewhere that should get some eyes. The last update on where donation money goes was in March it seems. While I'm sure the money is being put to good use, it seems impossible to see what's actually going on. All I found was the outdated expenses thread.


Members should also be putting in more of an effort now that we've seen just how bad things are. While the likes of Kendrick and Mike have reached out for help, there seems to be little to no results. It does not help that the recreation group for this season is far lighter than usual with three recreates being GMs now. 


Let's hope it picks up. Comment with your vote for a chance to appear in the Mag.

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I have nothing to do with it actually. All I've done is try to find new avenues to recruit from. I'm not in charge or Recruitment or even on the team. I do the VHLSC Draft Rankings and that's pretty much it.

I should add though. I voted Everyone, because in reality a lot of people complain about our weak draft classes (majority of the time it's GM's) but they aren't really doing anything about it. Spreading our url (as tiny as that is) across platforms helps if you have established yourself elsewhere. BOD is actively thinking about ways to possible tweak our approach. Recruitment team is all talk from this point, not a lot of action.

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Everyone is to blame. If we want a league to continue to exist we can't keep the status quo and have the same people recreate all the time. This isn't an old boys club. we need new members to come in and not just create a player and leave, we need to keep new member beyond that 1 post. Vote for change. Vote Shawn Howard for Commish. (jk im just bugging you draper and higginpuffs)

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I didn't notice the lottery until right now, so at least people have some sort of temptation to recruit

Yes. I still think we need to simplify it. That lottery thing seems like a lot of effort.

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