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How to please a woman?


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To be completely honest with you.. I have no idea.

Now that we got that out of the way, I have not scored that many goals so far in the regular season. In nineteen games, I have only four goals. I´m not a pure goal scorer,but four sounds bit low. Maybe it sounds low because I actually worked on my shot during the summer? I kept shooting pucks for solid two hours every day. Not sure what is going on now.

I even got 40 of my sticks blessed by a monk. That was expensive. Had to go to Thailand and the monk blessed my sticks there. It was some kind of temple,but not sure what kind of temple. Looked pretty though. The whole process cost me like 400 dollars in total. 

I´m not lucky enough I guess. I just need to keep on shooting and hope that the goals start to come. Overall it´s been pretty good start to the season for me. On top of those four goals, I have thirteen assists. Nineteen games, seventeen points. Not that bad. If I manage to score some goals, this might be a career best season for me. Start to the season has been bit slow so we shall see.


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I always thought it´s little bit like unclogging a toilet , just put your hand in there and hope for the best. 

I only use my hand if I'm unclogging a toilet. Otherwise I use a plunger like everybody else.

Do you use gloves? I imagine things might get nasty when using a plunger. 





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