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S47 Draft is Screaming Deeper But That's All You Can Give


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The S47 VHL draft has been criticized early on for being pretty awful. But with a new recruitment drive incoming this draft might go deep enough to satisfy even the biggest size queen. With prospects such as Sleeman, Hamilton, Virtanen, Weaver etc... This draft promises to have a solid first round. Whether the newbies can find their stride and break 100 TPE is another story. An influx of new members who find some level of interest in the league would provide some stability moving forward. VHL is not an easy league you don't have constant activity like the SHL. If you have no life and/or are in high school then the SHLmay come off as orgasmic. Trying to figure out the SHL on the other hand is a giant cluster fuck of disorganization. Somehow the more casual league (VHL) is more organized and professional looking then the SHL. So those who chose the SHL over VHL must a) have no social life or b ) be a teenager. For those who are VHL exclusive you are the real MVPs. If you didn't enjoy this tangent feel free to send your hate mail / threats to Higgins. Again if you have any issues with what has been written here you should contact Higgins via pm.

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