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Claimed:Nasher [final: 5/6]


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Effort 2/2: Yis

Look 2.25/3: The coloring seems a bit too strong and the picture is reversed, which makes people like me go crazy. Some textures are cool but they need to be less apparent for some (the lines on the left side). Text is cool but could be improved. 

Creativity 1/1: Yis

Overall 5.25/6

Edited by boubabi
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  • boubabi changed the title to Nasher (needs 2nd grade)

I'm gonna grade the first one too cause I think you're not supposed to change it after it's been graded.

Effort 2/2: yeah I can see it.

Look 2.5/3: I think I like this slightly more boubabi, but I still have to agree with him on mainly everything, especially the coloring. it gives a cool feel but I think it is way overdone, even in the second one. 

Creativity 1/1: Sure

Overall: 5.5/6

FINAL: 5/6

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  • Tim changed the title to Nasher [final: 5/6]
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