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Claimed:AZ Sighting in Norway [Final 6/6]


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Artom Zhumbayev Signs in Oslo




News out of Oslo, Norway came to light yesterday on rumours swirling that former VHL superstar, Anatoli Zhumbayev had been seen in and around the Norwegian city. Contrary to popular belief, it was actually Anatoli's son, Artom who was spotted in Oslo. Artom met with Oslo Storm team management in what was believed to be a lengthy and productive meeting for both sides involved. Artom came out of the meeting, grinning from ear to ear which led the media to believe that Zhumbayev had signed a contract to play for the VHLM's Oslo Storm. These rumblings were confirmed early Friday morning when Oslo Storm General Manager, Jason Glasser called for a press conference and announced that the Storm and goaltender, Artom Zhumbayev had come to terms on a contract for Zhumbayev to suit up for the Storm for the remainder of Season 46. The native of Shymkent, Kazakhstan was also available to the media following the announcement for a small question and answer session.


Rolleiv Solholm (Norway Post) - Hello Artom. I would officially like to welcome you to the Oslo Storm hockey club. What can you bring to the table for the team, on and off the ice?


AZ - I good leader in locker room like my dad was. I good goalie, train hard to be best goalie I can be. I quick with hands and like to stop pucks. I hope I do good job for the Storm.


Oliver Gee (The Local) - Artom, the Oslo Storm currently sit in dead last in the whole VHLM. What can you and the team do to improve the team's record? What do you think the chances are of the Storm making the playoffs this season?


AZ - Yes. We lose lot of games so far but we play better since I join team. We win two games since then. We keep working hard and we get better. If we work hard in practice, who knows? Maybe we make playoffs, maybe we don't. We have lots of fun trying and try to get better every game. We do that and coach be happy. We see when season is over.


Unknown Reporter (The Nordic Page) - Your father became a superstar in the VHL. Do you believe that you can achieve the amount of success that he was able to achieve and what are your individual goals for this season?


AZ - That good question. My dad become good player in VHL after he play in VHLM but I goalie and he play forward so it different. I hope I become good as him but don't expect anything. He teach me lots and helping me learn English language. My goals will be to win many games as possible and get better each game. I do that and maybe we make playoffs. Anything happen in playoffs so we see.


Well, there you have it folks, Artom Zhumbayev is now officially the new starting goaltender for the Oslo Storm. He will have a tough task ahead of him to attempt to help bring the Storm into playoff contention but the season is still early and anything can happen between now and the end of the season. Following this season, Zhumbayev will enter the VHLM Dispersal Draft as well as the VHL Entry Draft as he is eligible for both drafts in Season 47. He will be an interesting prospect to keep an eye on from now until then and his broken English could be a hurdle for him to overcome but he is working on that as hard as he is working on improving his play on the ice.

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Content 3/3 Good introductory interview. I'm glad to see a draftable goalie with potential, we could definitely use you in Toronto. Welcome back.

Grammar 2/2 It looked good, assuming the broken English responses were intentional.

Appearance 1/1

Total 6/6

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