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Covington waiting for trade, but happy in Saskatoon


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Sir William Covington III Will not hide the fact that he wants to play on a better team. Playing for the second to last place team in the whole league, things are looking more and more bleak for the team and him. William has a very good 31 points on the season which stands out because the team is built to be one of the worst teams in the league. Not by design but new GM Ahma inherited a horrible team that will take some time to pull out of the shitter.

Time that William does not have. At the rate he is practicing he may not be in the VHLM next season. William told Ahma upon being drafted that he is willing to wait for the right trade for the team but the process is proving to be long and drawn out. So much so that William issued the following press release "I find it funny how a D with a lot less practice hours then me is worth a 2nd in trade but when my GM is asking for a first for me teams only offer a 2nd. That is laughable. You don't want to trade for me? you are a fool, because I am a big center that can get you points and get you over that hump from contending to actually winning. Trust me when I say me and Ahma are close, he gives me updates all the time. I know offers and everything. You all are playing games and trying to fuck him. He and you know my value so shut up and pay up. Also! when I get traded I will refuse to play for any VHL club that the VHLM GM's are affiliated with. If you want to play dirty you won't win. Because it will come a time where your VHL team will want to win and I will be available via trade or free agency and I will just laugh at your GM. I will tell them the only way I play for them is if they get rid of you. You want to call my bluff? really? just test me. Don't trade for me and watch your VHL team draft me, I will ignore any and all comunication attempts from your GM, I will not sign any sort of contract. Forcing them to trade me to a team I will sign with for pennies on the dollar. Just to stick it to you. Not your GM, because I have nothing against them but it's personally against you. And to stick it to you even more once I am traded I will sign a dirt cheap contract with my new team. I don't need the money, I am richer then rich. This game is personal to me. So the next move is on you. Trade for me or else. The ball is in your court"

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