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Claimed:Mikhail Gribov Rookie Profile


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Gribov's Road to the VHL

With the VHLM in it's 46th season, many players around the world vie for a spot on one of the eight VHLM teams. Young Russian right winger Mikhail Gribov is one of the players that has attracted attention from many of the General Managers around the league, and for good reason too. Take a look at his stats for the three years he played for the SKA-1946 St. Petersburg team of the Russian MHL Junior Hockey program.


2012 - 2013

GP: 55 | G: 5 | A: 7 | P: 12 | +/-: -3 | PIM: 24 | SOG: 75 | PPP: 0 |

2013 - 2014

GP: 55 | G: 22 | A: 17 | P: 39 | +/-: +11 | PIM: 16 | SOG: 111 | PPP: 15 |

2014 - 2015

GP: 55 | G: 31 | A: 35 | P: 66 | +/-: +20 | PIM: 10 | SOG: 185 | PPP: 28 |


As you can see, Gribov's numbers grew hugely the more he played, as he began to take a leadership role with the team as he played more seasons with them. He ultimately ended up wearing an 'A' in his final season with SKA-1946. He led the team in scoring in the 2014/2015 season, where Gribov's elite talent shined as he led the team to a Kharlamov Cup Final appearance, where they ultimately lost in 7 games against Reaktor out of Nizhnekamsk.



Personal Information

Date of Birth: February 27, 1994
Age: 21
Birthplace: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 199 lbs.


The Player

Gribov is put onto the VHLM waiver wire as a very dynamic offensive forward, very good at passing and shooting, but currently doesn't stand out in any other areas. He plays a very finesse and possession driven game.


Scoring: Gribov is very good at putting the puck in the back of the opponents net. He possesses a very lethal shot for somebody just coming into the VHLM, allowing him to perhaps slot onto a struggling power play (which I will discuss later) and it give it an offensive spark. The best thing about his shot is that his release is almost second to none of rookies that have came into the VHLM this season. Playing in a very high scoring Russian Junior League, Gribov has had the opportunity to learn from many elite Russian players that have came before him to advance his shooting technique into elite levels.

Passing: Gribov is not only good at scoring, he's good at dishing pucks to his teammates as well. Even though he is more known for his goal scoring abilities, Gribov loves to help set up his teammates as well. He's no Joe Thornton out there, but he gets the job done. He is very good with an offensive zone cycle to wear down opponents, and is fairly decent at finding his teammates on open ice to tee up for a huge one timer. 

Big Moment Confidence: Gribov thrives on being out on the ice for big moments. He puts a lot of pressure on himself to deliver in big moments, and that has helped him previously in the MHL. He was unable to win the Kharlamov Cup in his previous league, but won Playoff MVP for putting up an almost unprecedented 20 points in the 16 games that he played in the postseason. This should allow him to come in and excel in offensive situations where his team is down by a goal late in the third or any other similar situations. 

Power Play Specialist: Gribov has excelled on the power play, mainly because he doesn't have to play defense on it. One of his biggest strengths is being able to draw the opposing penalty killers towards him, allowing teammates to open up and get a good scoring opportunity off. He played a lot of minutes on the power play in Russia and brings his almost Quarterback level skills to the VHLM to hopefully succeed.


Too Flashy: Even though Gribov is very capable of scoring highlight reel goals, one of his biggest downfalls is the flashiness to his game. It works out for him occasionally, but more often than not he is stripped of the puck and causing an opportunity against. He has taken steps to address this however, and is hoping to come into the VHLM with his game toned down occasionally. He is also known for his exuberant goal celebrations following a massive goal, his favorite being the classic bow and arrow ala Alex Burrows. Because of this, he is polarizing to opposing players and sometimes teammates, but doesn't mean any harm by it.

Defensive Liability: To say Gribov is not very good defensively is an extreme understatement. Even with his six foot one frame, he finds himself being burnt defensively and not being able to pick up his man in the defensive zone just because he doesn't really want to. He knows that he needs to improve on this to be given playing time in the VHLM, but is yet to be seen how much he has worked on his game.

Strength: For how big he is, Gribov is knocked off of the puck quite easily. This could be because he is used to playing a more skill based game in Russia, rather than the North American style of hockey, but it might be a rough adjustment for the VHLM rookie to be able to fight off checks and be able to make room for himself out on the ice.


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Feedback: You've definitely got a great up and coming player here. The word count on this RP meets exactly what is asked for, and it reads fluently. Pros and cons are written very well also. As a Canucks fan myself, it's cool to see you utilizing Sergei Shirokov for this player. I always thought that Shirokov proved that he could stay with the Canucks before he was traded away. At least stay for awhile, since I believe he did score literally the game before he was sent down or let go if I recall correctly.

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