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Claimed:Growing Pains [Final: 6/6]


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Growing Pains

Seattle Bears rookie defenseman Jeff Hamilton came into the season not expecting to be playing for a contender as the team elected to keep many of their top prospects back in the VHLM. The Season 46 Bears are easily the worst team in the entire Victory Hockey league, being woefully over matched in almost every game they play. Unfortunately the Bears could only muster five skaters and a below average goalie to complete their roster. The hope is that the Bears will acquire the first overall pick in the Season 47 Entry Draft that would open the team up to selecting another elite talent to build their core around.


Second overall pick Jeff Hamilton has had a rough rookie season, posting 11 points and a -21 rating through 22 games. The flashy offensive defenseman doesn't have a lot to work with in front of him in terms of forwards and with that comes many defensive zone situations. Hamilton hasn't looked very sharp in his own zone as of yet in the VHL, but with more work we can expect him to slowly improve as the season drags on.

"It's one of those seasons that we kind of wanted it to be over before it began because a lot of our friends and teammates are all over the world playing for different VHLM teams. I knew it would be a bit of a slaughter for the Bears this season, but I do expect us to improve as the season continues, and we have to believe we're going through these growing pains to make a better team in the future. I just hope our younger guys can work hard and get up here to stabilize our roster next season," Jeff Hamilton said.

Thus far the Bears have recorded two wins this season which seems like a minor miracle in itself. All of the teams in the VHL are a lot better than the Bears and it shows on a nightly basis. Thankfully the Bears do have four or five prospects that are expected to join the roster next season, in addition to what will likely be one of the top Season 47 draft picks. There is a light at the end of the tunnel for the Bears, but there will continue to be some struggles as they learn how to win.


"I'm excited for the future and I knew this would be a battle coming into this organization. All I can do is practice and improve and hopefully the guys around me will be making the same progress. We've got a lot of talented guys in the pipeline so I'm confident that things will begin to look a lot different as soon as next season. We've got the makings of an elite defence core in the future and I'm looking forward to having those offensive opportunities when we have a longer list of forwards to pass to," Hamilton said.

One thing is for certain, don't expect the Seattle Bears to be winning many games this season, but through trials and tribulations winners are born. The experience of playing for a humbling team will do the younger Bears well as the franchise turns around into a winning tradition again.

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Content: 3/3 - Hamilton is slowly coming into his own. I'm sure next season he'll be doing a ton better. He's doing pretty well this season as well, considering the team.

Grammar: 2/2 - Didn't notice anything.

Appearance: 1/1 - Looks good. Not sure wtf that horrible Hershey Bears render is. :lol:

Overall: 6/6

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