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Claimed:VHLM Magazine Frustrations


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VHLM Magazine Frustrations


Remy LeBeau is known too many as a talented goaltender for the Toronto Legion of the VHL. What many people do not know is that besides spending his time on the ice he also is an aspiring sportswriter. He loves to watch all kind of sports: American football, soccer and basketball are amongst his favorites, but the game he loves to watch most is of course hockey. Instead of watching hockey at the highest level possible like the NHL or even the VHL, LeBeau rather watches young prospects play, he is a big fan of the VHLM and the other major junior leagues in the world. He likes to study all the prospects so he will be ready for them once they make the jump to the big leagues.


For LeBeau it was a great job to have: writer for the VHLM Magazine, but ever since the VHL has moved its headquarters there have been no new releases of the magazine, despite him submitting multiple articles. Remy LeBeau is quite unhappy about this, because it causes him to worry if he will be able to get his weekly payments done. So in weeks like that, he switches to write as a freelancer in the VHL Media Spots section.




We all know being an editor can be quite a nice job, but when you have a team of writers around you who simply not submit their articles it can instantly turn into hell; this is exactly what the VHLM Magazine seems to be facing. Last week LeBeau offered a suggestion to use (already submitted or graded) Media Spots for the magazine, even though they would be old and re-used, they would still be able to fill the magazine with relevant content. The writers of the articles who were picked would be rewarded with an extra TPE to claim, basically making them writers for the magazine.


This proposal was in big lines being published to the league and was well received; but here we are, more than a week later since LeBeau submitted his article and again there is nothing being made. When we asked LeBeau how he felt about this he had the following to say:




“It is a shame that there are no new magazines being released, the VHLM Magazine should give the new prospects another incentive to connect with the league, to see the fun and joy sim hockey can bring, motivating them to become the next great one, especially since first gen records are meant to be broken. I really hope that sometime soon this issue will be fixed and we can release regular editions of the magazine to the world.”



Writers assemble!


The magazine really needs your help, with weekly articles we can build up the magazine again and restore its former glory. If you are interested in being a part of this, make sure to message boubabi on the forums, he is the editor of the magazine and I’m sure he will appreciate your help.



Words: 502


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Content: 3/3 - I have an idea for a column, it'll be up to Boobsabi if it's wanted though.
Grammar: 2/2 - Some sentences were rather long, but this is more or less it:
LeBeau rather watches young prospects play =  LeBeau would rather watch young prospects play
Appearance: 1/1 - INDEED SIR.
Overall: 6/6 - You know what's funny, there's these people they go to sleep thinking everything's fine, everything's good. They wake up the next day and they're on fire.
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