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Skylar Rift Quiet All Season


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Skylar Rift has not been made available for media appearances for the majority of the season. Some may recall, last season the player dubbed as "two face" by his team and the league would constantly appear in front of reporters bad mouthing other teams and his direct competition. He was always counted on for a headline quote, and was consumed with his own self persona. It lead to him being one of the more arrogant players in the league. When asked about this decisions for the majority of the season Quebec General Manager Pavel Koradek had this to say.


"Skylar is a great goalie for us. When we picked him up we knew that since winning a Continental Cup in his rookie season he'd come up with the experience and knowledge of how to get it done. But rising to fame that young in your career can certainly inflate an ego. While we support Rift and his outlook on the game we didn't need him adding more fuel to the fire. We are focused on winning a Cup this year, on getting two legendary player agents in Kyle Snow and Kyle Dowd Championships that have barely eluded them and their players. Rift was perfectly fine with this decision. In fact, he welcomed it. Although he did flip a coin when we asked him, which seems to be his go to move. This trend will continue however as the playoffs go on. Rifts player agent, Ryan Power will be available for media but Rift himself would like to remain behind closed doors until the playoffs are over."


Rift has gone far past just embracing the two face moniker says teammates. He carries a coin around with him and uses it to make decisions on purchases on what to eat. He has grown into quite the eccentric player. So always speaking to the media one season and then never speaking them to the next would only further this persona in his head. While Rift had a strong season last year, he managed to finish tops in save percentage and second in goals against average this year. On top of being second in shut outs and leading the league in Wins on the Victory Cup winning Meute. While his save percentage was stronger last season, goal scoring reached a big high this year which allowed him to secure top spot. He could be in the running for a few individual awards this season, so maybe keeping his mouth shut may be the answer. Only time will tell. 

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