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PensFan Returns to the Radio


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After a multi-year hiatus, I recently got involved with producing a radio show here at my new University in Växjö, Sweden.  It's about student life, campus news, and cross-cultural banter. Between me being sick and having a crackly voice and working with two complete radio newbies, the first episode of our soon to be weekly show turned out not too badly.


It's a great example of some of the real life skills I've been able to develop thanks to the VHL.  Producing the Podcast Without a Name for 25 or 26 episodes was incredibly rewarding, gave me invaluable broadcasting experience, and a level of comfort in these situations that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else.  Maybe these sort of skills are things we can market the league with, to help rebuild the member base.


Thought I would share it if anyone wanted to hear what I'm up to these days, or misses the sound of my oh so sexy radio voice (I'll see myself out now).

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