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Wings In The Acquisition

"Kai Randal, 18, an Asian-Canadian draftee who in search for a team"

"Survival Of The Fittest" is a phrase used to describe the nature of the world and to a certain degree, it's true. It's especially true to sport leagues, most notably the VHL. The league has been going strong and now heading toward their 37th season which is formidable compared to other sport league. Due to this fact, many players who are in this league right now are well-developed and we mean, many. Because of this and the continuous entries of promising rookies, those who underperformed or are underrated usually flew under the radar. What's even worst than that? Those who are not even talented one bit and is a new draftee of the VHLM. Among those guys is Kai Randal. In fact, no one even have heard of him before and even we, don't know whether we're going to address him with his first name or last name. Since we aren't sure whether to call him by his first name or his last name, let's call him "Player A" for now. We have stumbled upon an interview of Player A on the Internet. We found it rather interesting and decided to extract some of those answers. With that being said, here it is:

Interviewer: "So Mr. Kai, you're not with any team so far and we can assume that you haven't been contacted by any team yet. Does it disappoint you in any way? Are you still looking to become a hockey player although getting neglected so far?"
Player A: "Oh, call me Randal. And no, it doesn't. Of course I'm sad getting ignored but to be quite honest with you, I had a feeling that this is going to happen. I'm not talented, I haven't played hockey until I was like 15 which mean I've only started playing hockey for three years. Oh and worst of all, I'm bald even though I'm 18. That's probably the reason why no one want me on their team. I'm a tad bit happy by the way, because this actually turned out like how I expected it to be. Make me feel like a genius!"

Ok then, we should call him Randal.

Interviewer: "Haha, I guess so. Next question. You lived in Osaka, all the way in Japan for most of your life, we're quite curious how you managed to know not to mention, love hockey?"
Randal: "Ooh, I get what you mean. When I was there, I'm not really the socialist guy so I was usually bored at home. I liked using the Internet and one time, I stumbled upon a hockey video. It was a video of a player whom skating speed was unequalled. He was handling the puck as if it was a part of him. The control was just amazing. His skating was just brilliant, the other tried to catch up but they couldn't. When it was only him and the goalie left, he faked a shot but passed the puck back to a teammate who was trailing him. No one expected him to do that. It was something of a beauty. So i thought "Hockey is amazing, I will surely play it when I move back to Canada". I want to showcase that beauty and experience it myself.

"A comic version of Randal, drawn by a kid back when he was in Japan"

Interviewer: "So we've seen a few pictures of the comic version of you on the Internet and is quite curious about the source of it. Would you mind explaining it to us?"
Randal: "Oh no problem. It was back when I was in Japan. That day, I saved a kid from getting bullied and I didn't know he was a huge geek who loved drawing comic. The thing is, he went and create a comic, the main protagonist being yours truly. In that comic, I'm a bald hero wearing lame cape saving the town and all those heroic stuff. It's quite funny but cool at the same time. In fact, the comic Randal is even more popular than the real Randal!"

Interviewer: "What aspect of your game are you looking to improve?"
Randal: "Skating, Puck Handling and Passing. That's my main three focus. I want to be able to run better than anyone else on the floor. Moreover I'm a winger so I should be the one doing a lot of running around so skating is really important for me. It's also something a non-talented guy like me can do. Puck Handling because I want to be really good at controlling the puck. I want to be able to take the puck with me anywhere all over the court. Passing because I'm a guy who prefer to get my teammates involved than trying to score myself. Because I'm not talented anyways, I want to try and be the unsung hero. I want to try and be someone else's shadow. I want to find a Batman and become his Robin. I don't need attention, what I need is fun and wins. Having fun and winning are the key factors here. Why so? I believe that we play hockey to have fun. I want to be that guy who enjoy hockey the most, who have the most fun out of his career. Winning will also make it much more enjoyable."

"Kai Randal trying to keep the puck away from his opponent"

Well that was some really detailed answers. It certainly does help us get to know Randal better. Oh and here's his last answer when asked if he has any final comment which could be about anything. This was what he said:

"Tying my ice skates' laces tightly, tightly so that I can skate faster than anyone else, control the puck better than anyone else, grab goals for my team and remain on the rink."
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Content: 3/3 - Congratulations on your first point task and welcome to the league! It's a shame you weren't able to be picked up on waivers for a couple of games, but you joined at an awkward time during the season. However, I'm sure Randal will be a force to be reckoned with on the ice in S36!


Grammar: 1.5/2 - If I remember correctly, this isn't bad for someone who isn't a native English speaker. A couple of the mistakes were silly capitalization errors, but most were errors that'll improve over time.


their 37th season = their 36th season

and is a = and are a

whom skating = whose skating

the other = the others

So i thought = So I thought

and is quite = and are quite

That's my main three focus. = Those are my main three focuses.

Puck Handling = Puck handling

who prefer to = who prefers to


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 5.5/6

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