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Claimed:Devereux Progeny to VHLM?


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Devereux Progeny to VHLM?

Lake Superior State University - The Sault, USA


Anyone catch the Lakers hockey game on the weekend? Saturday was a rare night at the old Taffy Abel where I stumbled upon VHL hall of famer Benoit Devereux. I hardly recognized the long-retired Davos Dynamo netminder sitting in the club seats. Now in his late forties, Devereux's scalp plays host to significantly less hair and I think he was trying to stay under the radar. Wearing a Lakers' jersey and sporting a beer, I almost didn't give him a second look. Fortunately I managed to make the ID while watching him nervously fumble with his two Continental Cup rings. Even from three rows away I took note of how greatly they overshadowed the smaller Founder's Cup Ring. In my short tenure as editor of The Compass I've been honored to meet up with LSSU alumni Doug Weight and Brian Rolston at a few Lakers games, but I have to admit that I was a little star-struck. Throughout his playing career in Davos, Devereux seemed so introverted from the media and I didn't know what type of reaction I'd get from the reportedly fiery French Canadian.

Unsurprisingly Devereux welcomed my company, and the fresh beer I brought him, with an explanation. "I haven't seen Remy (Devereux) play in probably two years. I was doing some North American scouting and decided to surprise him," he told me while watching the on-ice product intently. Remy Devereux, a senior with the Lakers, made the team as a freshman and has been drawing the eye of VHL fans and scouts around North America since his first game. While having not been drafted into the NHL, the younger Devereux was a "late bloomer," as put by his father. Speculation has circled that Remy will declare for the S36 VHLM Entry Draft following his final season as a Laker. It's possible that a team would use up a flier pick on him sight unseen simply because of his father's pedigree.



"He's a good young player and I've let him take his own path to becoming a professional. I'm proud that he decided to get an education while playing hockey in the NCAA," Benoit blurted during a break in the action. Should Remy decide to declare for the VHLM Draft, he will have taken a significantly easier path to the big leagues than his father. "I jumped around like a whore in a fit," Benoit said of his early playing career. The elder Devereux started out playing major-junior for the Spitfires of the OHL, then played in CIS as a Lancer, and ultimately ended up in the ECHL before getting a shot in the VHLM. "It was a different time back then. There wasn't as much exposure for young players when I was trying to break into the VHL. This game that we're watching right now is televised for example."

When asked for a talent analysis on his son, Benoit didn't even flinch. He compared Remy to Maple Leafs' prospect Andrew MacWilliam, a hard-hitting UND product. "Remy plays with a physical edge and has been very successful on both the penalty kill and powerplay. He may have trouble adapting to the speed of the VHL right away and he could use some polishing in a lot of areas - primarily offense. He can eat a lot of minutes and isn't afraid to put his body on the line in the shooting lanes. That's the official Davos Dynamo scouting report," Devereux laughed.



Pt. 2 of 2 will follow in next week's edition of The Compass

Dean Arbuckle

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Content: 3/3 - Welcome back! This was a very well written article article. I'm sure if he put his heart into it, Remy could become a very good player in this league. 


Grammar: 2/2 - Just a couple minor things.


Lakers' jersey = Lakers jersey

S36 VHLM Entry Draft = S36 VHLM Dispersal Draft

on him sight unseen simply = on him on sight simply


Appearance: 1/1 - Solid.


Overall: 6/6

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