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New VHL .PSD Pack?


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Would anyone else be willing to contribute some of their more recent sigs to a new .psd pack?


I'd be willing to throw in any of mine that people would like to see.

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How should we decide what sigs are included? I don't want the size to be too huge, but at the same time I'd like it to be a solid resource.

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Okay, I've peeked around and have chosen a few that I would personally like to see in the pack. From boubabi, my recent favourites are probably these two:


















and beketov







Those are just my favourites, and if you would rather share a different sig for whatever reason no problem.


Upload the .PSDs somewhere and I'll put the thing together.



What sigs of mine would people like to see?

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  • Commissioner

I've got those two on my main computer. I'll upload the PSD's later tonight probably.


No guarantee if I'll have time but if I do would you like me to change the layer names to reflect what was done on them in order to make some steps a little more clear? Sometimes its helpful, sometimes it's not. All depends what I did really which I don't recall just from looking at them.

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completely up to you. I named some layers that might be hard to guess what was done for a beginner (high pass/other filters) but I didn't say anything about adjustment layers or stocks

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  • Commissioner

Sent the two you wanted from me. I did change some of the layer names kinda like you said. Mostly just when I had an applied image or something that looked confusing.

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